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    Life Update 06-18-20: Got my ADHD medicine back

    Hey, guys. It's late here, at least for me, but I figured that maybe I should mention this here. I finally got my primary ADHD medicine back, and took it this morning. I'm feeling... better. Definitely better. Still a little weird, but definitely more alert and I think a little more focused. I still have a slight problem with my insurance in regards to it, but for now, I've got the medicine,

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    Important Announcement: I have a YouTube channel

    Hi, guys. The new story isn't ready. I find it hard to be motivated to write these days. I'm not even feeling well today in general. But I'm here to announce something different: I have a YouTube channel.

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    Life Update: My ADHD, Writing Progess (Or Lack Thereof), and a New Story

    Hello, everybody. This is a bit out of the blue, but I've been thinking about making this post the last few days, and now, I finally decided to do it.

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    Swimming Lessons Renovations complete

    Hi, guys. It took me a bit, and I took a few days off in between, but I finished going over and polishing up Swimming Lessons. Ultimately, this is how it went down:

    Chapter 1: A 62-word drop in Microsoft Word (Fimfiction says 74 for some reason)

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    Swimming Lessons Going Under Some Revisions

    Hello again, everybody. So, after spending the last few days digging through A Tale of Two Suns, Book 1 chapter 9, and making about 150 different tweaks to it, a very grueling process, the next thing I decide to do... is go through the same process with Swimming Lessons. Yeah, that makes sense.

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A Tale of Two Suns Chapter 6 Incoming! · 10:56pm Mar 21st, 2017

Hi everybody. Just giving a little update here. Chapter six of my story, A Tale of Two Suns, is coming soon.

How soon you may ask? Well... tomorrow.

I've been working on it all day today and I think it's about done, so I'm putting it together and getting it ready for publishing. Putting the italics takes a while.

I know I've made a habit of posting these chapters later in the day, but this time I thought I'd wait for actual publishing until tomorrow. So for those of you enjoying the story, be on the lookout for the new chapter going up bright and early. :twilightsmile:

Now if you will pardon me, I'm going to get back to setting the thing up for publishing on here, and getting ready to watch the much, MUCH anticipated "Duet" episode of The Flash, as well as Legends of Tomorrow. :pinkiehappy:

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Really looking forward to it! :pinkiehappy:

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