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"You can change destiny, but you can’t change fate.” Simon sighed... “And you and I are fated to be together, I know it in my heart.”

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The Cloud Curse · 10:20am Mar 20th, 2017

Some of you might have noticed a certain tag of mine... it's becoming one of my trademarks... like my catchphrases or my parodies. The Cloud Curse shall now be explained.

Have you ever felt an intensely strong connection with someone you've never personally met? Someone you only know online, and whose face you may not have even seen? (I have seen my Queeny's face, don't worry) Someone who feels this same connection with you, but lives on the other side of the freaking country? This is the Cloud Curse, named for the simple fact that you only know each other across the internet, which is also called the cloud.

This is the worst curse of them all, like all three Unforgivable Curses at once... times over 9000 to the over 9000th power. You know you love this person, you know they're real, and you know they love you back, but... there's nothing you can do about it. Sure, you could go on a plane, but you'd have to arrange that so you'd both know where to meet up... and it'd cost a fortune to do that every week or so. And you can forget about trying to explain your love for this person to, let's say for instance, your parents (if you're underage) and expecting them to care, let alone actually help you.

Has any of you ever experienced the Cloud Curse? If so, what's the worst thing to you about it?

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Interesting, I was wondering when you would have mentioned seeing her face. I've been half reading these when they are in my feed, and it has been sometime. If I had made a bet with someone then I would have won. About one week? And no I have not had that... issue. I've not really had an interest in people in that way, though a few years ago I got into a relationship to see what it was like. :\ And I am... happy? vexed? excited? enthralled? neutral to say that, yes, I am now fully embracing of my Asexuality. ^^

How is that Roleplay turning out for you two anyway? Things good? Life I mean for the second one... other than your romantic... boo-boos.

yes i talk to her for 2 years and the worst part was the long distance after a why'll we started talk less tell we stopped

4464028 Life is miraculous... I'm finally excited for Easter again... a holiday I haven't been excited for in eight years.

I like it for the chocolate, but it doesn't really have much more of significance for me.

4464612 It's the day I'll finally unite with my true love... in real life.

Nice. Make sure to eat lots of chocolate as well... it is tasty... and possibly a little addictive. Nah. Just tasty.

4464622 There's gonna be more than enough chocolate on our wedding cake.

Yay! A wedding? Cake! Wedding? Chocolate! What time is the wedding? Not time, day. What day?

4464632 Hopefully as soon as possible... we haven't decided on a date actually. We had a pretend one last night at midnight (so... today) and it was simply the best.

So that would mean the Roleplay has been going good. Just remember to have fun, weddings can be stressful.

I'm still plagued by the Cloud Curse to this day.

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