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The rules of failure will never be depressed again in your small kitchen · 3:29am Mar 14th, 2017

We've talked a good deal about the best way to maximize space in a little kitchen, from recommended storage products to clamp lamps, burner covers that were like, magnetic hooks, specific kitchen helpers, and cupboard shelves.

Can you actually afford to give up a third of it for your coffee pot should you have minimal countertop space to begin with? Fruit bowls, even utensil jars, and salt cellars are not safe. Think of it this way: Every little thing you keep on the counter is just another square inch away from that big chopping board you could have already been using, taken, or that bit of space that would have been really handy for lining up your fixings or mise en place. Instead when you cook, shove them in the corners or you've got to shuttle those things around the kitchen to create space!

There's something about empty space that indicates ease and calm to the brain, which applies to empty countertops, particularly in small kitchens. When everything else feels streamlined and cramped, an obvious white granite countertop is an invitation plus a support that cooking in that space doesn't have to be stressful.

The rule is this:Keep your countertops totally clear and earmarked just for prep.

This implies no storage pieces, no small appliances, no decor that is extraneous, nothing. Countertops are for cooking, interval.

Does that seem extreme? It is! We're discussing next-degree small-kitchen efficiency here, which means taking a brutal look at the way that it could change your cooking experience and what you store in your countertop.

If you really dedicate to keeping clear countertops, where would you keep everything? Here are a few ideas.

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