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The different colour between sample and slabs · 1:38am Mar 28th, 2017

Together with the enhancement of men and women 's material states, individuals have higher demand for living quality. Demands for home decoration aren't only the vision,but additionally the material of environmental protection and also the pursuit of quality . For 1000s of years ago,it's the truth the rock was used in construction. Can you understand? Natural stone has been mired so natural rock substance including something well be harmful for our body. In a certain sense, white galaxy quartz stone will take place the natural rock. Of course, quartz rock's fault is appearing. Many folks asked me"Why are there different color involving the slab and the sample?"And here,I would like to reply you.

The primary reason that the question of the colour that is different is raw material. It's difficult to command. Every batch ore has kinds of quality. With different creation batch,slabs have the question of distinct colour certainly. If we are tough with all the raw material,the costing must be higher.So this is the reason the cost of slabs is increasing. It is easy to get it. Please guaranteed that we have to focus on the characteristic of slabs when we think about the price.

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