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FREAKIN' · 9:26pm Mar 11th, 2017

We lost the quarterfinals. We're out of the competition in our region.

At least there's still the Idaho regionals in two weeks.

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Ohhhhhh, better luck skill next time!

4452044 It was partially due to a buggy software update that broke some of the controls on the robot.

Also, the motor for the rope winch blew out in the second to last round, so there's that.

At least we got a design award for literally having a silver box on wheels. Everyone else's robot was pretty much a conglomeration of plastic, metal, or glass. Except for the wooden robot. The high school down the road from mine built a wooden robot and managed to win the finals.

I wonder how well a concrete robot would do?

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4452139 I think it would depend on the wheels and structure of the robot. Strong enough wheels to hold up the concrete and a strong frame to keep the concrete from collapsing in on itself


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