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Here comes another round! · 12:10am Mar 11th, 2017

*crosses fingers*

On the side note, I just realized that one of the teams competing is called "Trixie and the Megabots".


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Looks like we got a Trixie fanboy... welp to late to wish them and you luck

Actually... that's a great idea for a fanfic... Trixie in control of a megabot in a robot battle arena sort of thing... this has to be a thing already

4452941 Also, I didn't mention it until now, but the robot ITSELF is Trixie. The team named their robot Yrixue, and their team is the Megabots.

4452988 wow... the robot is based off Trixie?

and Yrixue is close to the Chinese word Yixue which is Chinese for medicine... I think... my Chinese is terrible... I'm better at German, Russian, Vietnamese and Japanese... but Chinese is just hard for me

4453883 Nah. It's just A coincidence. The robot can do several tasks at once. That's why it's called Trixie. Because tricks.

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