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  • 4 weeks
    I'm sorry.

    I know I rush the ending in my fictions... yes it's true.... I didn't know what i was doing half the time... I was getting overly critic.... I got abuse by some of the editors... and pre readers... well i guess they were jerks... so by all means I hated writing Contract of Pressure of my first nfsw story.... critics has killed the fiction and i went back and finished it and rushed the

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  • 16 weeks
    Hello this is rye snoot talking

    The big finally i think,.. well I'm starting up writing again but, first i have to finish my last fiction first it's going to be hard. to get back to writing i mean.

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  • 24 weeks
    The three canceled fictions

    It's time where i take a stand and finish them... I'm bringing back the three fictions and going to finish them I hope, I just hope that people will like it. T_T sorry for the long delay.... I am rushing them too... I just wish i could make another fiction but, it's the end for me.... So I came back to finish these what they were meant for. I just hope that the audience like them. Really i

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  • 26 weeks
    i might just fully cancel my 3 stories

    Well i did try to make it right and came back to finish the three fictions but, critics are already up my ass. So ehhh this might take longer than i expected it to be.

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  • 39 weeks

    Ehhh I might get back to writing again when i have the time... Who knows when that will be. I lost heavy inspiration.

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Education chapter 4 · 5:11am Mar 7th, 2017

I hope everypony has fun reading this chapter it took a while and knowing it was 12 pages in google docs.

Education chapter 4 has now release.

Report Rye Snoot · 105 views · Story: Education · #Slice of Life
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