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    Party Music.

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    Dear followers

    My good friends!!!! old and the new!!!!! I hope you love reading!!! and hope that you read all my followers fictions!!!! it's a good day to be good... and relax and enjoy of others.

    if you need some inspiration... the only fiction I can think of is Clown Mare written by Flora Blossom... Her first master piece.

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    Hello Dear followers

    I'm a reader and might write again in the future.

    There has been a lot of followers that I love reading.


    Bad Dragon

    The Derpy Doctor

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    hmmmm... Time to scrap everything... on 1 fiction....

    Well, time to scrap my last piece fiction... And start from scratch.... crossovers are pretty hard.... the lore + mlp is pretty hard and stressful...

    I might become a reader than a story creator. Until I can get a comfortable editor and a profreader... that I can work well with...

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Education chapter 4 · 5:11am Mar 7th, 2017

I hope everypony has fun reading this chapter it took a while and knowing it was 12 pages in google docs.

Education chapter 4 has now release.

Report Rye Snoot · 277 views · Story: Education · #Slice of Life
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