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  • 293 weeks
    Hooray for relapse!

    Just when I thought things were looking up, shit happened and I slit my wrist. Woohoo.

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  • 303 weeks
    In a self loathing cycle

    I've got the most gut wrenching cramps and have been rehearsing for a play nonstop. I have a performance in ten minutes as we speak. Currently, I'm stressing about my online class, WWIII, basically making it out of his year alive and free. It's been almost seven months since I've last driven. I'm extremely lonely and only see my friends once a month. I'm in love with someone I can never see and I

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  • 307 weeks
    Got turned down by three people

    All I wanted was a prom date. My life is already falling apart so can I at least have that? The first guy I asked said he wasn't going to prom. The second was uncertain and he's flaked out on me at the last dance. The third guy I asked seemed open to going, but then we learned there's a youth group party the same day, so yeah. Fuck my life. Pardon me while I go slit my wrist.

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  • 307 weeks
    Hey, guys.

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  • 308 weeks

    Hey, guys! Today my friends and I hung out and did a bunch of cool shit. We played Cards Against Humanity for the first time over some cheap cookies and pineapple juice. My lil bro joined in on the fun. Then we basically went around town and took cool pics, like this one of yours truly. Hope y'all are having a good day. :pinkiesmile:

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I'm Dead Inside · 6:40pm Feb 27th, 2017

But at least my eyebrows look great! Right now, I'm at home sick with the flu. The good news is I can still get a Catholic funeral if I die today. The bad news is that is very unlikely. Yesterday some people texted me and we had a pleasant conversation. I'll probably never see them again but that may not be such a bad thing since I've gotten uglier in recent weeks, both inside and out.
Since I'm almost entirely anonymous on this site and nobody reads my shit anyway, I'll let you in on a little secret I've only told one person: I started cutting myself. Surprised? Me, too. I didn't want to do it for the longest time because I wanted to stay beautiful but recently I just stopped giving a fuck. I love the burn and watching the blood trickle its way out. It's easier to do it while listening to music. One day I found the blade and was like, "fuck it." I keep it stashed in a little box full of old gifts. It seems like I drop one bad habit and start another. Whenever I don't have access to weed or liquor, I cut. I usually do it when I'm bored or sad. It reminds me that I'm still alive and it gets me through the rest of the day. It also helps me keep my distance. Hope y'all are having a good day, unless you're a square.
UPDATE: I'll stay on here a bit longer. Thanks for all your support.

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As a fellow depressed person I'd like to offer an ear if you need to talk instead of cutting yourself.

In my experience, talking helps more than cutting, weed or booze ever will.

4438262 thanks. :) I've made a decision to leave this site for good, but I'll remember you.


You'll be back ;)
Nobody joins fimfiction and gets away :p

4438282 Maybe you're right. :) for the time being, Imma get an admin to ban me

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