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Music SIG Likes #35 :: Sea Wolf · 4:51am Jan 31st, 2017

Some Indie Folk-Rock this time around. I actually bought this for Significant Other for Christmas. I do not typically listen to this type of music, but I must admit it certainly has grown on me. Lead singer Alex Church's voice is quite soothing (to my ears at least)

(Acesrulez13 - Applejack : Strummin')

Black Dirt

Black Leaf Falls

Dear Fellow Traveller

Dew in the Grass

In Nothing


Miracle Cure

O Maria!

Old Friend

Song for the Dead

Saint Catherine St.

The Cold, The Dark & The Silence


Wicked Blood

Winter Windows

White Water, White Bloom

White Woods

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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I first listened to Leaves on the River in Greece, in Athens. I listened to my whole time there, watching the wine dark sea and the staggering mountains.


I first listened to Leaves on the River in Greece, in Athens.

Is that "Leaves on the River" the song, or "Leaves on the River" the album or "yes"?

Either way, it certainly has a quite contemplative feel to it. The song is a bit too "floaty" for my tastes (I personally prefer the rhythm of Dear Fellow Traveller and Song for the Dead), but I could definitely see myself watching the ocean to it.

Of course Otis Redding is the king of ocean gazing...


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