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Taking Story requests · 1:16pm Jan 9th, 2017

I've thought about offering story commissions ever since Demetrius started doing it back in the summer of 2013. I haven't for a number of reasons:

1) I'm afraid of disappointing my commissioner.
I was never confident in my ability to make something I came up with myself and have it be halfway decent, let alone something someone else came up with. How could I possibly ask for money for that, and even if I did, how could I possibly capture their vision. What if it was a genre I wasn't good at? I've had art commissions turn sour when the artist was unable to understand what I wanted, and we both walked away disappointed. Me because I'd paid for something that didn't live up to my imagination, and the artist because they took my money and were unable to satisfy me.

2) I'm afraid I won't like the idea
I've cancelled or deleted stories in the past that I had moral and ethical failings with. I don't want to get a request for something I don't like, and then hate myself the whole time I'm writing it and end up producing something sub-par.

3) I'm afraid I'll never actually do it
I struggle to complete my own stuff, so how can I promise to make something for someone else in a reasonable amount of time? Tales of The Rainmaker was supposed to be my low quality throw-away tale that I could just scribble at every day and update frequently in order to keep writing something, and I haven't updated that in months. And the first pony story I ever tried to write is still marked as incomplete. I haven't moved past the first arc. I don't feel confident in my ability to complete something, even if someone is paying me to do it.

4) Vore
I've been told by several people that I'm a very skilled vore writer. Because of this, I'm afraid to give the vore community license to pay me to bring all of their fantasies to life in the form of written fiction, especially since I would probably do it.

That all said, I feel like I should probably dip my toes in the water, or I'll never know if it's good for swimming. So, I'm opening up not commissions, but requests. No charge, no hard feelings if I quit or get it wrong, my own stories take priority, full license for deletion of failed attempts, and self appointed deadlines based on story length. Oh, and experience of course. Training wheels, if you will. So without further ado, I am now opening story requests by Bleeding Raindrops.

Nothing too NSFW to start with please, and be aware that I am very weak at comedy, though I'll give it a shot if you really want me to. Obviously I reserve the right to reject any story idea for any reason.
I'll update you every step of the way and delete anything you ask me to.
PM me with your idea if you'd like a story done, and I'll see what I can do.

Hopefully I don't get to swamped. In this event, my own stories will take priority. Let the writing requests commence!

Comments ( 13 )

Do you accept bathroom humor related stories?

4375459 Are you familiar with the show Animaniacs and the episode "Potty Emergency"?

I'm familiar with The Animaniacs but I don't recall specific episodes.

4375492 Well this idea is somewhat based off from it and has even been used in other cartoons as a trope. Basically for "Potty Emergency" it's where a character really has to go to the bathroom has a difficult time to find one.

I'm familiar with the trope

4376242 Uh, okay then. So really what my idea is for a request is that Rarity is spending her morning having a relaxing bath all the while Sweetie Belle who really has to use the bathroom tries everything she can to get her sister out in a classic cartoony fashion of course.

Comedy right off the bat, huh? Alright. It'll take me a few days to come up with something, but I should be able to send you an outline by next week.

4376273 Awesome also this is only an example as I also have another idea with the same concept. In the other, The CMC's on a trip with their sisters and all three really have to go which of course you can imagine turns the trip to a mad rush search for an available restroom. Which would you say is the better premise?

Hey I know this post is a few months old but as I was looking back I found I missed it. I kinda had an Idea about something tho. Have you ever tried writing an adventure story? like simple plot and every thing but just have struggles to face. Could be Dark and Gory and ponies could die or could be serious where they just force the goal or even more light hearted where the was no chance of REAL danger and just trying to get from point A to B or get someone/something heart. even add a few bits of other story things your not that great at (comedy as in just some small banter between characters) just to help your writing.

Tho this all doesn't mean much if you dont really write anymore just an idea.


I'm a bit conflicted about responding to this. I love the concept and would definitely love to try it, but not only do I have little time for my own stories right now, but I also never followed up with Brony250's story idea, so I feel obligated to meet that request first and it may just never happen.

Sorry if that's unhelpful.

4493530 That perfectly fine this was more of an idea to help you write more then get a story request. Plus I would feel bad making you do Any work for free as such. I just have been missing some people who used to write and then we never hear from them again recently and was just hoping you would write anything. Tho I can understand if ya really busy, Shit happens.


Oh, heh. Yeah I totally get that. Do you know how frustrating it is that I haven't updated Tales of the Rainmaker in five months? That was supposed to be a bi-monthly scribble to get past writer's block, and now I'm stuck on that too. I'm currently pushing to update The Secret of Ponyville, but Rarity can be pretty stubborn, and considering she just snapped and got a filly hood crush on her new arch nemesis I figure she deserves a break. Hopefully I can get something updated soon though, you know?

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