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Putting in a Tape: It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (08/05/97?, Paramount) · 11:22pm Dec 13th, 2016

This opens with a preview for a then-new Peanuts title, IT WAS MY BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, CHARLIE BROWN (the second-to-last Peanuts special that Charles Schulz oversaw the production of); there's also a (1995 revised) preview for other Peanuts Home Video titles, and there's also a preview for A RUGRATS VACATION (coincidence: filmmaking pioneer Steven Spielberg once wrote that Rugrats was the "Peanuts" of its time) and also a preview for NICKTOONS on videocassette! Then it goes to the Paramount Feature Presentation/warning screen and then the CGI Mountain logo (with Viacom byline of course).

What follows all this is a 1992 special (allegedly a follow-up to the perennial favourite A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS, though an episode of the CHARLIE BROWN AND SNOOPY show featured a new Christmas vignette in 1985.) which compiles Christmas-themed storylines from the comic strip. This was the final "new" Peanuts animated special to air on CBS (!) which cancelled all future animated specials in 1990, yet continued to air the (usually holiday-themed) Peanuts specials until 2000. The original VHS of this (which was sold at Shell gas stations alongside A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS and YOU'RE IN THE SUPER BOWL, CHARLIE BROWN) is presently considered a collector's item.

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