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Flippy Flopper

I write almost solely M/F and F/F vanilla sex. So if that's what you're looking for, congratulations: you found it.

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  • 250 weeks
    I've been tryin', I swear!

    I can write pretty much anything else, but for some reason when it comes to clop I can't put down a single word. I want to edit and revise some bits of Unfathomable Goddess and finish chapter 2, and I want to write the sequel to Smooth As Butter but every time I get going I stop midway through and realize that it's garbage. I might end up with the next Shift installment first, despite my heart

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  • 268 weeks
    For those of you who missed it...

    ... your Double-Shift has arrived.

    Also, I am here to ask a question about what's next.

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  • 269 weeks
    Romance, or Neigh?

    So, basically, I'm writing the next couple of stories for the "Shift" series, and an idea popped in my head that I wanted some opinions on:

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  • 281 weeks
    Smooth As Butter

    You'll slip right in!

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  • 281 weeks
    Doing a thing because I feel like it...

    Between each installment in the "Shift" series, I want to do a completely separate fic with unrelated characters.
    Thing is, I have two stories that are about half-done, and I want to know which one you want now and which one you want after the next Shift:

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For those of you who missed it... · 1:11am Nov 30th, 2016

... your Double-Shift has arrived.

Also, I am here to ask a question about what's next.
The Shift series is kind of lengthy, and I want to give myself some writing variety, so I write an unrelated story between each installment. So before I get started on the next one, I want to know what you'd rather see first: a sequel to Smooth As Butter (with quite an interesting twist, if I do say so myself) or a rather intimate session with Nurse Redheart?

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I vote Nurse Redheart

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