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I write almost solely M/F and F/F vanilla sex. So if that's what you're looking for, congratulations: you found it.

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    Also, I am here to ask a question about what's next.

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    Doing a thing because I feel like it...

    Between each installment in the "Shift" series, I want to do a completely separate fic with unrelated characters.
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Romance, or Neigh? · 6:32am Nov 28th, 2016

So, basically, I'm writing the next couple of stories for the "Shift" series, and an idea popped in my head that I wanted some opinions on:
Once I've finished with all of the clopping, could I/should I continue and conclude the story with a romantic story? Less porn, more romance, more character interaction, etc. Of course it'd still porn-up at the end, but is that okay? To suddenly throw a serious plot into the end of a series that obviously isn't taking itself seriously?

Also, "Double-Shift" should be finished within the next couple of days. If not then, then likely during the following weekend.

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If you want to add more of a story go for it. I myself like plot with my clop. Don't get me wrong I like some good action as much as the next guy, but a story makes it more meaningful. Tho I'm not sure if a story ware you have sex with both the royal sisters (looking foreword to that by the way) is the best place to start. Maybe if you want go back and add a second chapter the the first two to set it up. Or just wait till the next one witch by the cover are will be just with Twilight.

Just a thought in the end its up to you.

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