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  • 438 weeks
    I wrote a novella!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry my stories have kinda fallen by the wayside in the wake of starting a fan-radioplay group and such. BUT I have good news All Aboard, Traveler and (Hopefully) Gia may be completed by the end of the year (Traveler is a certainty in that regard) . So stay tuned!

    In the mean time if you liked Gun With Occasional Pony I kinda sorta turned the idea into an original Novella!

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  • 511 weeks
    Ms.Button's Boarding House

    Huh, I noticed in a lot of the comments (Thank you to everyone who leaves a comment by the way) on the recent chapters of The Life and Times of Forelle, that readers have rather fallen in love with the boarding house described in that story. Well I thought you all might like this little drawing done by Mr.Grim of his interpretation of what it looks like.

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    Life and Times of Forrel Editor?

    Hola guys!

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  • 512 weeks
    WHAT!? Activity from Squeak!?

    I know...I'm scared too...

    In anycase, I've uploaded a short story recently that's a one off that I had written to be turned into a storybook by my little fan production studio Ponyinabox, AND I updated the Life and Times of Forelle, so this is a productive week!

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  • 523 weeks
    Welllll I know I havent' updated anything in about a month....

    But I'm working on it!

    In the mean time (And I promise it won't be a long mean time) I have a pleasant surprise for All Aboard fans! My little production series is turning it into a fully illustrated mini-series!

    Give it a look, the art can be a bit strange to some people, but it's a very strange story and I personally love it! So please give it a chance:

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Huh wow...lots of comment but... · 12:56am Sep 20th, 2012

I know they are all well earned at this point...but a lot of the comments on the latest chapter are mostly surprise at the fact that I actually managed to update...I like these comments, and you're well in your rights to leave me a thousand of them at this point, having waited so long...but after you read it, would you mind leaving a comment on how you liked it? I adore those kinds of comments and it would be nice to get a few more if you don't mind...

I know I really shouldn't be asking, but I thought it might be nice.

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Comments ( 11 )

Hey, if you don't get the kind you want, it's okay to ask for them. Usually.

I liked it, seemed to mesh well despite the huge gap in updates. Sometimes when that happens a preceding chapter can sound much different then the one before it, you however kept it together.

370475 I've always had difficulty with stuff like that. If I'm updating something of my own, I usually either have about three chapters at least started, or I keep them short. When they aren't short, nor have much towards them, then I end up bungling things. :twilightblush:

I never much wrote anything of length, so I have no clue how to keep things straight and connected from chapter to chapter. I just have an eye for detail that points out little inconsistencies.

Now Squeaky a I'm sure there where people who said they liked the chapter. However I must say it was quite a surprise to see a update from you I actually risked being late to work just to read your story...however I must say the comment I left wasn't quite as humorous as I thought it would of been...don't you hate it when that happens?

I'd like to say I want you to update Traveler some more however I wouldn't want you to rush things or feel obligated to update one thing when you have at least three plates full of stuff that you are working on which is impressive in it's own feat...sorry I lost what my point was...so I'll just finish this with

You. Are. Awesome.

370535 My Skype Group has named me Mac: The Editor because I'm OCD about spelling and, sometimes, grammar.

That don't be stoppin' me from usin' correct incorrect gramma and spellin', foo's. :pinkiecrazy:

Naw, but seriously. It's not accents or other things where words are written wrong on purpose, but the absolute failure that a lot of shitfics have.

A friend of mine (who shall not be named because he's too terrible a writer to deserve the name he was given at birth) once wrote about three paragraphs and wanted to submit it as an entire chapter.

The basic rundown? A drug dealing pony from Canterlot whose name is Blade comes to Ponyville, gets off the train, runs into Pinkie, threatens to cut her, runs into Twilight and threatens to cut her, then gets plowed into by Rainbow Dash and tries to cut her to no avail, and then storms off in a huff to his hotel room, where he proceeds to talk about drugs and ponies, and the cutting of said ponies, before he realizes one was Twilight and tries to gain her forgiveness by being overly sorrowful (not to mention paying a lot of bits on weird shit that just ends up creeping Twilight out), and finally he returns to his hotel room drunk, and falls asleep.

I was able to take the 7 or 8 sentences he had written and make a three page story with a lot more dialogue that wasn't drug related, and actually gave a description of the character beyond "Canterlot ponies were afraid of Blade because he was Blade and that's what he named himself because of the switchblade for his Cutie Mark."

:fluttershyouch: It... It was truly horrible... :fluttercry: And then he said my version was boring. Honestly? His version made me want to read Cupcakes and lick shit. But, that's me. :raritydespair:

i PROMISE i will leave one of those comments once i read it later tonight before bed! been busy today and my comment earlier was a spur of the moment thing. lolz. I KNOW it will be good.

Your "friend" scares me. :applecry:

370613 Yeah, Andre- I mean, yes. He scares me as well. Especially since he can't spell to save his life. I renamed him in Skype as "Ur an Ass", for the one sentence he's typed with the least misspelled words, and the least amount of missing grammar.

Buried amidst the grammar critiques and OMGWOWITUPDATED I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I thought the chapter was awesome. If I didn't, I'm doing so now: the chapter was awesome.

I am not certain why I enjoy it, but I do.:rainbowderp:

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