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NEW RID TOYLINE REVEALED! · 9:57am Nov 11th, 2016

So I was looking for interesting stuff in Facebook in this days when I suddenly fo:rai:raritywink:nbowdetermined2:und this Transformers news that suddenly caught me and let me surprised :rainbowderp: So in the next year, besides coming the new Season 3 knows as "Combiner Force", they are also bringing famous G1 characters into the toylines :pinkiegasp: There is other types coming, but in my opinion I'm more into the Warrior Class. Check out who they have :

Bludgeon (A very awesome design in my opinion :pinkiehappy: )

Blurr (So this means it the Rescue Bots' turn to make their apperance? :ajsmug: )

Skywarp and Starscream (Now where's Thundercracker? :duck: )

Twinferno/Doublecross (So I bet he is a Triple Changer cause I remember this guy could turninto a two heads dragon :raritywink: )

And finally the best of all that let me so much excited like a little kid: SOUNDWAVE!!! AND I LOVE HIS DESIGN!!! IT'S PERFECT!!! :raritystarry: :raritystarry: :raritystarry: :raritystarry: :raritystarry:

So far this is what they got from Warrior Class, but there is one figure from Legion Class that got my attention too as well his story that made me mind blown :twilightoops: :rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp:. Take a look at none other than Cyclonus himself

Wanna know his story? Then go check the link here and comment this post to know your opinion. For those who still waiting for the next chapter just hang on and stay awesome :rainbowdetermined2: :raritywink:

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Nooooo I wish they brought Wheeljack back, I happen to hate the Rescue Bots but I'll live:facehoof::fluttercry::flutterrage:

4297441 Lol I know some people hate Rescue Bots but at least it has some good episodes

4298991 Indeed but I'll watch a few episodes that catch my attention especially if they involve actual action, and I hate how Cody says "noble" all the flipping time and dang that show is corny:pinkiesick:...anyway it has potential but i wouldn't watch it constantly. :unsuresweetie:

"Behind the high council on Cybertron, sits evil mastermind Cyclonus. Using his mind-controlling power, the rogue Decepticon schemes to brainwash every bot on the planet if that’s what it takes to fulfill his devious plans for Cybertron and the galaxy."

Wow. :rainbowderp:

SoundWave?!! About time he came back!!!!

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