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    General Post

    Just dropping in to say hi and hope everyone is staying safe.

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    Generic Blog Title

    Figured I should write a thing about recent chapter updates. Yep I have been writing on Bootlegging again, I don't make any guarantees on how often I'll be writing new chapters but I'll try to finish it.

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    Okay so...

    Okay, so I was browsing around my stories and I noticed something in the groups on my stories they have been added to. Apparently, some of my stories ended up on "Goodreads" and I have no idea how that even happen. Is this just something that happens or did someone go in an add them?

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    Audio Reading - Twilight's Sleepless Nights

    The audio reading for Twilight's Sleepless Nights has been consolidated into one long reading of the full story, plus some bloopers at the end.

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    Elements of Failure Audio Reading

    Just in time for Nightmare Night, the "Elements of Faliure" fanfic reading has been completed for you all to enjoy.

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Been a while - I'm not dead! :P · 7:26am Oct 30th, 2016

Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time since I been on here and done anything. I really should change that, I just haven't had much motivation to do any writing. So, if you toss me ideas for my current stories that are unfinished, but not on hiatus.

Starbloom Chronicles II
The Return of Mare Do Well
Meeting of Worlds - A Crossover Story

I'll see what I can do.

Report L_Wolf · 185 views · #I'm not dead! :O
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Comments ( 2 )

I've got an idea for Starbloom! ... Continue it! :pinkiecrazy:

But if you want serious ones, if you've got no motivation to write then I suggest you either read some stuff to get motivated again, or try something different in your writing. A new idea or story.

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