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  • 173 weeks
    General Post

    Just dropping in to say hi and hope everyone is staying safe.

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  • 292 weeks
    Generic Blog Title

    Figured I should write a thing about recent chapter updates. Yep I have been writing on Bootlegging again, I don't make any guarantees on how often I'll be writing new chapters but I'll try to finish it.

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  • 303 weeks
    Okay so...

    Okay, so I was browsing around my stories and I noticed something in the groups on my stories they have been added to. Apparently, some of my stories ended up on "Goodreads" and I have no idea how that even happen. Is this just something that happens or did someone go in an add them?

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  • 308 weeks
    Audio Reading - Twilight's Sleepless Nights

    The audio reading for Twilight's Sleepless Nights has been consolidated into one long reading of the full story, plus some bloopers at the end.

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  • 308 weeks
    Elements of Failure Audio Reading

    Just in time for Nightmare Night, the "Elements of Faliure" fanfic reading has been completed for you all to enjoy.

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General Post · 9:00am Jun 3rd, 2020

Just dropping in to say hi and hope everyone is staying safe.

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Comments ( 7 )

I hope you're safe too. How's starbloom?

Yea, I'm doing pretty good. I live in a pretty rural area.

Starbloom is doing alright.

Glad to hear it. Though, I meant the stories of her you still need to finish

Ah, that is what I thought but I wasn't sure. I had just gotten up and my brain was still fuzzy.

The story, I'm trying to get myself into gear to work on it and I don't know. I just can't seem to get it going. I've had new ideas come in but nothing for Starbloom. I even had a new character come into my mind, not making a story for her though. At least not till I finish some of the ones in hold.

Silver Blade.

OKay and nice drawing! Her story with Toby and the one where she lands on Earth with Sweetie are my favorites

Thanks, I like it, Someone over on Deviant Art did it randomly.

I see. Looking forward tp see both updated. Though, an interesting thought I had. As Starbloom is an alt version of Twilight, how you think would she react to seeing herself adopted by a human?

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