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  • 252 weeks
    A few more Details about Changeling Canon [S7E17]

    A few more small pieces of Changeling Canon

    In S7E17 "To Change a Changeling" Thorax used an flashback to explain Pharynx's behavior, revealing more canon information about Changelings.
    (Note: I will limit this post to the "original" Changelings; the new reformed Changelings aka Changedlings won't be mentioned here.)

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  • 297 weeks
    [Spoilers for the S6 Finale] The Changeling-Canon expands! Again!

    Time for my fourth blogpost!
    (If you are interested in things like that, have a look at The Changeling Research Group. I originally wrote this list for them.)

    Updated Changeling-Facts after the Season 6 Finale

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  • 306 weeks
    The Changeling-canon expands!

    Time for my third Blogpost!

    I just watched the livestream of the latest episode "The Times They Are a Changeling" (S6E16).
    Like already suspected we got new information about Changelings; some fanon had been proved right, while some other had been disproved. I'll try to collect all new facts in the following list after the side-break.

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    Ember here, Ember there, Embere everywhere!

    So, a few days ago (16. April 2016) aired the episode "Gauntlet of Fire" (S6 E5).
    It introduced a new dragon character: Ember.

    Today I looked at the feature box, and 6 out of 7 (!) of the new stories contains Ember.
    It doesn't happen very often a new (background) pony dragon gets that amount of attention in such short time.

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  • 379 weeks
    OC Update

    Time for my very first blogpost!

    Maybe you have already noticed (propably not) I made an update for my OC.
    The background-story is in concept ready, but need more depth and details (following later). Also the name ist still under construction, but I have a few ideas.

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[Spoilers for the S6 Finale] The Changeling-Canon expands! Again! · 11:56am Oct 23rd, 2016

Time for my fourth blogpost!
(If you are interested in things like that, have a look at The Changeling Research Group. I originally wrote this list for them.)

Updated Changeling-Facts after the Season 6 Finale

(S6E25 + S6E26; "To Where and Back Again" Part 1 + 2)

[Note: This is only the knowledge extracted from this two episodes]
[Note: This is a prerelease and currently a work in progress and will be further updated.]
[Note: This is a finished work. If you think something is missing please write a comment.]

Table of Contents:
1. Knowledge about Changelings in general
2. Knowledge about the hive (the building)
3. Knowlegde related to the transformation

(more after the page-break)

1. Changelings...
- can somehow grap Princess Luna out of a dream. (Or is this just an depiction of how they woke her? Very unclear.)
- have some sort of long-range communication device. (Hard to describe; should look for a picture or something.)
- have different voices; even simple Drones (Compare Thorax vs. The one who reported to Chrysalis over the above-mentioned device.)
- can sniff (invisible) ponies (from far away, but not if they are directly in front of them; why is that???)
- have an excellent memory; they can remember even details of things that happens some time ago (Thorax reenacts Twilight's speach from the other Changeling-episode)
- can easily walk on three legs (Thorax while walking torwards Trixie with one hoof raised)
- can travel long distances (?) in relatively short time (Thorax came from the Chrystal Empire, a short time after Luna had warned Starlight. It's unkown when this attac happened; but probably around the same time as the attack on Canterlot. Can be disussed.)
- have an artifact ("ancient dark stone"; made to Chrsalis Throne) to block all magic except their own. (In the end destroyed by the magic of the transformed Changelings.)
- can teleport. They don't cause a flash or the caused flash is weak enough to be covered by a smoke bomb. Other Changelings don't seem to be able to feel the teleport-magic (or simply didn't pay attention to it; they were chasing a "pony" ("Trixie"; Thoras in disguise.) ).
- are always hungry for love (according to Thorax)
- can walk upside down on ceilings (is that a new one?)
- sometimes have to hyperventilate => They have pony-like lungs (is that a new one?) (Thorax in the hive, while a patrol is on their way)
- don't get the joke "easy to bug" (made by Discord)
- can play good with emotions (See the dialoge between Discord and the "Fluttershy's)
- can transform into things mucg bigger than themselves (a drone disguises itself as Discord.)
- can have eyes, that glows in the dark (the Changelings which will capture Trixiea few seconds later; the Changelings hiding inside the throne-room)
- storage all types of ponies in cocons (alicorns, unicorns, hats (from Trixie and Applejack; but no capes), pegasi, earth ponies, draconequus). They seem to be barely awake (eyes half open, slowly blinking. But Celestia and Luna look frightened while Chrysalis is nerby). They are all upside down. (We need a picture.)
- calls their socety a kingdom; even their queen herself.
- don't like traitors (I wonder why...)
- have shimmering eyes (?) while frightened and in disguise (Thorax in form of Starlight while Chrysalis is talking about punishing Thorax)
- can't distinguish ponies from disguised Changelings (Thorax is fooling Chrysalis and a lot of guards while having their full attention)
- know an disguising removing spell which seems not to cause (too much) discomfort for the target (?) (Chrysalis is exposing Thorax)
- seem to be easily convinced with something that goes against everything they had believed for their whole live (Their expressions during Starlight's speech)
- can drain love from other Changelings. A pink fog emerged from the target and flows into the mouth of the attacker. (Needs a picture)
- can simply share love with others (they never tried it before, but suddenly everyling can do it??? Needs further discussion!). That looks like ... (hard to describe; needing pictures)
- accept new leaders very fast (How did they made Thorax their leader anyway?? Suddenly Starlight mentions it and everyling acted like it. Later Celestia calls Thorax the leader, too, and he meems to accept it.)
- Changeling Queens prever the promise of revenge over keeping their ruling position (Chrysalis denied Starlight's offer of friendship and the ruling position inside the Changeling society (can she even offer something like that?))

2. The hive... [we really should add some pictures...]
- is located in an very barren area (a few dead trees, no grass, sharp hills, even some bones)
- has a big overground part. (How can a pegasus ever miss something like that?! Did Celestia never send Scouts to search for Chrysalis after the wedding?!)
- The barren area begins excatly where the anti-magic artifact (see 1.) starts to take effect. Coincidence?
- is guarded by a huge number of flying Changlings and soldiers guarding the entrace (if not sucessfull this time)
- has entrances and passages which seems to be constantly shifting in an (for non-Changlings) unpredictable pattern
- big passages, seen from the outside, seem to be stable
- has small egg-clusters on nearly every ceiling (Just saw they are slightly glowing. Maybe this aren't eggs but light-sources?)
- the inside has some big, "hollow" areas with pathways(wrong word; any suggestions?) (without any handrails!) at the walls, sometimes connected with stairs
- can have a very good echo (Discord allerted the Changelings accidently by talking too loud)
- is patrolled by Changeling-guards. If they are nerby, the sound somehow like a swarm of bees.
- is sometimes even confusing for Changelings (Thorax is getting lost; don't know the path to the throne- room.)
- The throne-room has a "strange" door (better description needed) and is guarded by (at least) 6 guards in armor
- The throne-room is in the top of the highest tower of the hive (it had a ceiling; an explosion in the throneroom, on outside-look the highest part explodes, the trone-room doesn't have a ceiling anymore)

3. Facts about the transformation: (Needing pictures with transformed Changelings)
- They can make an "partial" transformation under certain circumstances (Thorax had transfomed wings after having some friends. At the same time he "forgot" about the whole "feeding-thing".)
- After "sharing love" for the first time Changelings transform themselves into an blue, intransparent cocon. After re-emerging they are colorful transformed changelings
- when lots of Changelings transforms at the same time they destroyed Chrysalis Throne with the anti magic effect and damage the top of the hive-building
- The transformation-shockwave destroyed the cocons without hurting the living beings inside
- Probably only the Changelings inside the Throneroom made the transformation, but later except for Chrysalis, all shown Changelings are transformed. How? The Changelings outside coudn't have known about this, and I don't think everyling would find a place inside the throne-room.

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