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A German who likes history, and WW2 technology but not war. "Within the darkness there is light and hope"

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Battlefield 1 · 9:58am Oct 22nd, 2016

Hey guys, I played Battlefield 1 yesterday. I must admit the campaign is very well made. It's just pity that there is no German campaign. But that gives me an Idea to write a WW1 fic in the future. My Idea would be a young German soldier finds a hurt filly on the battlefield and tries protect her. Would be based on the game and the movie All Quiet on the Western Front. Feel free to give me ideas go this could go or who the filly could be.

Maybe there's a German campaign in the future. I don't know when i going to play multiplayer, but my favorite class in those games is the Medic. The most valued and importnant soldier on the field who can favor the battle, right?

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Interesting idea indeed. I can only imagine how they might become accustom to the horrors of war fought on the western trenches. Would she be in the trench with the German forces or near the Frontline? Sorry I'm curious

4266180 more the trenches but also no man land was my idea. Still have no idea who the foll should be

There's only a handful name all of them and remove the ones you used or make a oc. Personally I like the style you have have u used scootaloo yet?

4266259 yeah I did the story was the Empire today. What about the filly in the beginning of the Episode where the cmc helps the griffin to get his cutie mark? (Forget their names)

Ya I remember I forgot there names too. Hmm oh how about Babs? If u say u have I need to look back through ur stories lol I'm missing some good ones

4266276 Good Idea. Why did't I think of that? If you're interested, after Black Bloom 2 is done, I have planned three storys, one for Diamond Tiara, one for Silver Spoon and one for Rumble. My WW1 story should come after that.

Heck yea I'm interested!!! But what are they going to thrown into? Now I'm curious how Ull take Silver and Tiara them being separated would be catastrophic hits to there personalities Rumble is a interesting canvas now the endless possibilities lol

4266332 Ever played those games: Sniper Elite V2/ Zombie Army trilogy. GTA 4 and Just cause 3? Thery will a crossovers of those games. If you like to comment on those future storys, I'm looking foward it. (And on Black Bloom 2 and my other storys too)

Of course I played GTA4 ,sniper elite V2 I admit I didn't play Just Cause but I remember the summary lol hmm I think Babs should be in GTA4 not going to lie she hits me as a bad girl with something to prove but that's only my opinion Rumble in sniper elite because I think it would be interesting to see the interaction between them spoon in Just Cause show her the way to stand up to people who oppress you and Tiara in Battlefield 1 to show her the price of greed pride and revenge on a massive scale but like I said only my opinion that just makes sense to me lol

4266475 Well, my plan was that Diamond is in Sniper Elite V2 learning how terrible a war can go (Takes place after she's reformed). Silber in Gta 4 as I can imagine that she comes from a rich family like Diamond and was in Manehatthan one or two times, and Rumble in Just Cause 3 because even if it's only a brief moment he would have fun racing against Rico in his wing suit. I also have planed a story set in Tom Clancy's EndWar

Way to shatter all my thoughts lol and oh yea? What exactly do you wanna put them through in endgame? Btw I remembered some more kids pipsqueak, twist, snips, snails, button mash, and the tall skinny one with a camera in the reporter episode I can't remember his name
Added after ( figured it out his name is Featherweight)

4266507 You will see, but i tell you this, a soldier of the European Federation who is a brony gets seperated from his platoon, finds himself in the Everfree Forest and saves the CMC and Dinky who is also a member from Timberwolves, only to get captured by Royal Guards as they think he is an invader, It also contain things from Counterstrike and COD MW 1.

Your ideas are also good, why you don't write a WW1 story with Diamond Tiara and such? I would love to read it.

Well I would write more I just need to get more free time i work alot and need to time if it wasn't for that I would give it a try lol uk what I will on my day off. As for your story that actually sounds great to all of them are great ideas and I can't wait to read them I'm currently reading Empire Today lol. Hmm uk I was looking I don't think anyone has done a Fable story yet.
( Correction I found 3 but it's low)
Btw, here tell me what all would you wanna see in the story about WW1. I wanna try having a prompt. I get distracted to easily

4266561 Well, the idea for my ww1 story (still a rough design) would be that the soldier finds the foal caught in barbed wire, tells how herabout the war and himself. Also they survive a gas attack and at some point they are trapped in the no mans land and try to sneak their back to German lines.

I don't have a name for it or the soldier but he's a medic (my favorite class) and was a farmer before the war so Babs as you suggested would it be for my WW1 story.

I hope that helped to get ideas for your story. Trenches, gas and artillery should not miss but that's your decision.

Medics were paragons during the great war I know y u would like them personally. I take ur challenge and I'll come up with my own following a that set I'm curious in were it'll go but I'm sure Ull blow mine out of the water lol

4266608 I don't know when i will write it but out of curiosity you understand, I had the idea that all storys except for the WW1 and Endwar take place in different Equestrias but get united as one. How's does that sound?

So let me get this straight u wanna collide all of ur stories except the ww1 and endwar together into one world clash together in a giant blend of concepts now that would be a wild story lol

4266647 What can I say, I have a lot of imagination. And as all my storys (except my first one My little Twily) end that the human has a new life in Equestria and is the only human here, so it must be pretty lonely, right? That's why I got this idea, so they aren't the only onces and can make some new friends and such. Get what I mean?

Bro I understand (pats shoulder) I like it everybody deserves a chance begin again uk. I understand where ur coming from. Most of my OCs are redeemable characters people who have done great evil or regret something or other and try to find redemption in something not exactly the same but It the concept I use in my stories we all wish for something better

( Plus I'm pretty lonely and let my imagination run wild and it hurt my works I have a tendency to over plan and lose my first chapter in the process. But u write amazingly well we all look forward to reading ur stories ? )

4266679 Thanks, everybody deserves a second chance. I' proud of all my storys no matter the rating as i worked hard on them. Looking foward your storys. :twilightsmile:

Hang in there man and plus isn't that all that matters doing what we love to do and thanks lol I need to pump some out I feel out classed :twilightsheepish:

Is it just me or should we have just PMed lol I mean it's after the fact but in hind sight and ik I'll to get one out soon

4266696 Maybe we have should but it's too late now,

Eh lol but thanks man means a lot

Das ist goot story. Mine Leiben!

4351185 Wusste gar nicht das du deutsch sprichst, aber ich gebe dir da recht und support gunners. Werde am meisten von diesen zwei soldatentypen gekillt, krieg selbst kaum abschüsse. Aber dennoch gutes spiel.

4351211 Die Gramatik habe ich garnicht gemerkt, da ich deine so gut finde. Meine Gramatik ist auch nicht sehr gut obwohl ich auch 1 in Englisch hab. Um das auszugleichen hab ich einen proofreader. Ich finde das ist abzocke das man infinite warfare für remastered braucht.
Die story A war close to home hatte ich auf "Im Westen nichts neues" und Battlefield 1 basiert, momentan schreibe ich an 2 story's. eine im Pazifik basierend auf "Letters from Iwo Jima" ,WAW and Rising Storm, die andere eine Stalingrad story , basierend auf den film Stalingrad von 1993, auch WAW und Red Orchestra 2. Mein proofreader arbeitet auch an kapiteln für meine Tom Clancy's Endwar story wo auch elemente von MW hat und einer Metal Gear story die ich ihm geschickt hab

4351231 Die Pazifik und Stalingrad fics sind noch in arbeit, aber wenn du meine anderen storys lesen möchtest, nur zu. Ich freue mich über jeden kommentar:twilightsmile: Übrigens, was findest du passt besser? In meiner endwar story plane ich eine Atomexplosion basieren auf der explosion in MW ende von act 1, Ich kann mich aber nicht entscheiden ob ich es mir nach der orignalen oder remastered nuke scene machen sollte

4351242 Das schon, ich meine, im orginal, Jackson überlebt als einziger was mehr dramatisch ist finde ich, im Remake überleben ein paar kameraden den absturz, nur um gleich danach zu sterben wir er, verstehst du was ich meine?

4351252 Ich hatte die endwar fic lange geschrieben bevor MWR rauskam, daher glaube ich werde es so lassen, nichts für ungut. Weiß nicht ob es dein geschack ist, ich mag es beim lesen zu music zu hören, daher habe ich all meine fics mit links für musik and für scenen versehen, damit sich die leser vorstehen können, wie eine scene aussieht oder wie es sich änhört

4351273 okay, seh dich irgenwann wieder, wünsche schöne weihnachten and hoffe dir gefällt die musik und co:twilightsmile:

It sure does make up for all the bad things I heard about the campaigns of the previous entries, like Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline. Hopefully DICE will possibly go in this direction with Battlefield from now on.

4455793 i Hope so too and that are also campaigns from the middle Power's view

4455799 Middle Power's view?

4455827 imperial germany, ottoman empire und and austrian-hungarian. You can only Play as allies in the campaign

4455830 That would interesting indeed. Also, I noticed that your favorite role to play in multiplayer is the Medic. Did you know that it was a woman named Clara Barton who first devised the method of treating the wounded right on the battlefield? It was around that same time that the USA had the Civil War.

4455844 no but the more you know. The human Main character in the ww1 story i wrote is a medic

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