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The Sweetie Chronicles: The Light Never Goes Out - Author Notes (Spoiler Free!) · 7:31pm Jan 31st, 2012

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't read the chapter!

First, a short announcement.

I have edited Chapter 2 of The Sweetie Chronicles: “Nightmares Don't Last Forever”. There are no major changes, the edits are only wording, small corrections and such, nothing that changes the plot or characters, but hopefully it reads a lot better now.

Now, why am I doing this? Why am I dedicating a blogpost as an Author Note on the latest chapter? Well, a bit was because the notes were getting a bit long... but not long enough to actually say what I really wanted to say.

I was limited to thanking the readers, thanking my awesome friends/editors/pre-readers and... maybe, just maybe, make a comment about the work itself. And, I felt like it was not fair for the stories I worked with to simply use them and not really talk about them.

That's why.

And that brings me to Chapter 3 of the Sweetie Chronicles...

First, let me explain why I chose this particular fic.

When I first read “The Light Never Goes Out” I absolutely loved it. It has a perfect blend of nostalgia and melancholy and hope in it that turned it into one of those great stories that I, as a fic writer, would wish to work with and do justice to.

Light Never Goes Out is, for those of you that don't know it, a story that takes 200 years in the future of the series, with the same Mane 6 we love. They are still still there... and everypony else they knew (Save for Celly & Luna) is gone. How could I not see the potential for such an opportunity for characterization?

The really great thing about the Chronicles is that I can really work with all genres I want, and as time goes by the challenge increases, Sweetie changes with experience and reacts differently to somewhat similar situations... but this... this had to go in, and early on so that Sweetie's thoughts would come back to it in the future.

So it was not a tough decision to include it as a prospect in the Chronicles. When I contacted BrianBlessedPony for his permission to use the story and told him the general idea of what I had in mind for the chapter, he agreed (thankfully!) and thus we got to work.

The first challenge here was to keep the same feel and spirit of the original story, which I admit is the main challenge of all the stories in TSC. As I have mentioned before, if I am doing fic using somepony else's fic, then I'll do my best to keep its feel as close to the original as possible, while still bringing an original element to it.

My main question, and second challenge was: How will Sweetie react to this possible future? There are so many elements... immortality, death, nostalgia, history, strength of character, pain of loss, attempted suicide... What would Sweetie do, and how would she look at Rarity when she inevitably found out what those cuffs around Rarity's ankles are for? How would she react, young in mind as she is, to the absence of her peers and the sudden change around her?

Admittedly, due to her age a lot of things went over her head... she's too young to fully understand just how much has changed, how much time has affected things. She might have a sense of it, but the whole weight of it is (thankfully) not something she understands and has to deal with.

Finally, you might notice a few references in the story, so I'll say it here... thanks to Cereal Velocity and Coffee Grunt for letting me use their stories! They actually are more relevant than you might think XD

Thanks also go to my editors and pre-readers! And thanks to Super Big Mac for a quick proof!

Magical Trevor - I cannot even BEGIN to explain how hard it was to write that song! Doesn’t help that I decided to put it to already existing music, but... XD Anyhoof, please be gentle. I’ve never written a song before, so... Yeah. Hope this chapter made you cry! I’ll admit I broke down a couple of times as Deleteh wrote this, especially at the ~Dream?~ sequence, as well as Twilight’s train segment. (Even if you didn’t, say you did! Deleteh said he’d quit writing if he couldn’t manage to make you cry this chapter, so if you don-”
-Beamed in the head with a rubber mallet-

We are Anonymous. It has come to our attention that the fanfic writer known as Wandererd has threatened to cease the writing of his fanfic under certain conditions. We urge the public to ignore this threat, as it is groundless. If he threatens to stop, we will convince him otherwise by whatever means necessary.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
United as ONE
Divided by zero
We do not fogive
We do not forget

And now, a word from our sponsor for chapter 3:

Brian’s Ramblings:

Well, it’s a damn sight better then what I write! I was humbled when I was asked if Wanderer D could use “The Light Never Goes Out” for this. I was also confused. “Why would anybody want to use MY stuff? This was just a one off idea I had! Why am I reading emails and stories at 7am in bed on a Sunday?!” Plus a whole host of other things. I have to thank Wanderer D for basically expanding my own ideas at crossbow point, plus Magical Trevor and Understated Hyperbole for being bloody awesome people to work alongside. It was a world away from my one man band style of writing! I hope that I work with them all again at some point! And hopefully learn from them next time...

Report Wanderer D · 2,201 views ·
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Comments ( 7 )

does that mean ch 3 IS done now? i jut checked and i don't see it:unsuresweetie:

Wanderer D

8360 Check again! :twilightsmile: took some time to update!

Yaaaay! Wanderer D, you have brought joy into my life this week! Now to read the chapter... I've been desperately anticipating it since last chapter. :pinkiegasp:

Please allow me to worship you and your greatness.

But seriously, Wanderer, you are a top notch writer. The only downside of this story being posted is that now I have to wait so long for the next one to be posted...:pinkiesad2:

:heart:You are awesome; now pardon me while I burst into flames.

Hey, this is my second time to cross through your story...I must say I regret missing it the first time I crossed it. Wonderfully written, and I can understand why it has taken so long to put up the chapters.

Wanderer D

8365 :twilightsmile: Hope you liked it!

8416 :pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed it! Although I'm not sure about being worshiped... NIGHTMARE WANDERER WORSHIP ME! :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

8420 :moustache: I'll bring the marshmallows!

8545 :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy: Thanks! I take some time too because of life! :twilightsheepish: But yeah, I'm trying to really write them as solid as I can!

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