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NBC Kids - The End · 2:06pm Oct 18th, 2016

Here is a video about NBC Kids and the end of Saturday morning cartoons. It's been 2 years since Saturday morning cartoons had been dead, but on the other hand, NBC Kids was in its last legs as a Saturday morning block made by Sprout. On October 8, "The More You Know" launched as a new Saturday morning block produced by Litton, the company that brought you "Weekend Adventure" on ABC, "Dream Team" on CBS and "One Magnificent Morning" on CW. Saturday morning cartoons are the thing of the past, and I reflected back to my childhood memories of watching Saturday morning [cartoons] when they were so good. Hate to see it go. Here is my thoughts.

- Chris from Brooklyn, Musicradio77 Television Network

Put it here because I am disappointed by the story's lack of prior coverage here on FIMFiction.

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