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Writer Spotlight: Amethyst_Dawn · 2:56am Oct 14th, 2016

Today, we spotlight a very awesome writer by the name of Amethyst_Dawn. I was happy to hear they had been inspired by one of my stories and wrote one of their own thanks to that inspiration. I took a look at their work, and let me tell you, they have such a varied list of story types for you to enjoy, including romance, slice of life, sadfics and adventure!

There's a Crayon in my Soup

A short, Noir tale describing the life of a stallion whom life has abandoned.

It's one thing to tell a noir tale and another thing to find yourself immersed in the atmosphere of the story thanks to the skill of the writer. See how a pony down on his luck finds his way through an unforgiving city that holds hidden hope in one of the most unlikely of places. Amethyst_Dawn does a fantastic job of utilizing an impressive amount of metaphors to allow the reader to get into the mind of the main character. You can feel their pain, but also those moments of hope shine through with each description. This story is dripping with style.

A Glimmer in Her Eye

You've always admired Princess Twilight's newest student... from a distance. Just about every little thing she did made you smile, if only on the inside.

But, one evening, during one of your calming walks: you discover her alone in the forest, beside your favourite lake.

And... is she... crying?

If you want something sweet and charming in the style of story putting you opposite a pony interested in your affection, then try this one! The story naturally progresses from not knowing Starlight to developing a close connection with her as you get the chance to experience blossoming love <3

Yes, Darling. Could I Have a Moment?

Something dawns on Rarity after a few days, something she feels needs to be addressed. And once she sets her mind to talk about it, things might start to become clear... if Rainbow would cooperate, that is.

Takes place immediately after The Last Roundup.

Ever wonder what the ponies talk about after episodes where the characters have made some potentially alienating decisions about their friends? This examines what happened after Rainbow Dash left Rarity behind in the desert while chasing after Applejack in The Last Roundup. This is one of those stories where Rainbow and Rarity are not only discussing a serious situation but managing to stay perfectly in-character as though it were canon. It's one of those qualities you don't realize is missing from some stories till you see it!

Take a look at their works, give em' a watch and let him know how awesome they are!

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