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  • Thursday
    I just have one question.

    When are the Grinded Pony Hooves coming out?

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  • Wednesday

    As someone who played Destiny 1.0 like mad for two months in an effort to feel like I had recouped the $60 I spent, I'm feeling rather nostalgic for the time that everyone just defaulted to blaming Activision for all of Destiny's problems.

    Anyone else?

    Because goddamn has Bungie got a fucking hard-on for sunsetting and vaulting paid content.

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  • Tuesday
    Just beat Terminator Resistance.

    Well, when I haven't been writing or working, I've been slowly making my way through Terminator Resistance, after hearing too many good things.

    IGN scored it a 4/10, while Steam users have it currently rated at a 92/100. That's quite the disparity.

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  • 1 week
    Guys I made a meme! Hey wait a minute...

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  • 1 week

    Full-size version.

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Considering Registering For Extra Life 2016 · 1:24pm Oct 5th, 2016

Hey all, this blog is merely to gauge interest.

Brady and I are thinking about participating in Extra Life 2016, a non-profit charity marathon where gamers around the world play, or attempt to play, their game(s) of choice for 24 hours. Some players stream, some don't. This year it begins at 8:00 am on Saturday, November 5th.

We are wondering if any of my readers and fellow brony gamers would be willing to sponsor our efforts. It could be a monthly pledge or a one-time gift. All proceeds would benefit the Children's Miracle Network hospital of our choice.

We aren't taking donations now, nor have we committed to registering yet. We're just seeing who would be interested in donating and sponsoring us were we to commit to this event. I've been watching Extra Life streams for years and it would be amazing to participate this year. Thank you!

Comments ( 3 )

Oh yeah, that! SomecallmeJohnny did a charity stream (well, technically three) for that last year. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to donate to that, but I'd be interested in donating if you're up for it. I can't promise anything though.

Any idea what games you'll play? Will you (or can you) stream it?

4241159 I doubt we'll have streaming capability, depending on what we play.

At that time, I can ink assume I'll be playing Titanfall 2.

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