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Hi, what's up guys. This is Spirit of fantasy. I'm here to write and give a good story to all my followers out there. Please show the Spirit some love and he will give love back

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A bit of venting · 4:32pm Sep 27th, 2016

Today I handled some ignorant people today. So you talk about young people being innocent. Then you suddenly out and say young and innocent are fun to abuse and corrupt. That's not a joke to me, that's just guys being tools and offending good people.

So after I tear them a new hole in them. They block me like cowards, how pathetic. I tried to be nice and follow the dude too, but hey. You can give someone a little something, but chances are they'll abuse what they had been given by you.

Kindness goes both ways, it is simply your choice whether to take the chance and do something kind for others.

Btw it's 100 followers. Every body ask me any questions you'd like.:twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 36 )

Gets me pretty down, but of course I never let them get the pleasure or opportunity to enjoy it. Because when it happens, it's not too long before I'm in their face and revealing just how pathetic and cowardly they are. They'll talk but then disappear the minute you start pushing them. That's the reason for my combative nature

You misread a situation that nobody else misread, and you were hostile in your indignance. Then, when it was pointed out that the entire blog post was deliberately taken out of context as a joke, you started slinging insults around in an attempt to make up for your embarrassment. Of course I proceeded to insult you back because you totally had it coming, which I won't claim was mature on my part, but it was sure as hell fun.

So, if by "combative" you mean "hostile towards people over something you misunderstood and then lashing out in an attempt to make yourself feel better", then you're right. You were very combative. It's okay to admit that you were wrong; people make mistakes all the time.

4229437 you came in and insulted me when I had at first showed concern. Only to find out the guys were making a joke out of something serious. You gotta be a serious piece of trash if that's what passes for humor pal. Now get your garbage ass out of my blog you piece of trash. Bet your ass gets jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth. You're just an ignorant follower to a bunch of goons.


Actually I only decided to join in after you started with the insults.

4229449 yeah and I was simply telling the pricks off for joking about something that isn't a joke. Then you just pop out like some random insect and just start attacking me like some butthurt douchebag on call of duty


Again with the insults. This isn't being combative; it's being petulant.

Allow me to explain the joke:

It looked like Syeekoh had said something offensive about children--which, as you say, is not funny--but actually he was talking about ellipses, which are series of three periods in a row. He never said anything offensive about children. It's a classic out-of-context joke. A reasonable person gets angry and then realizes it was taken out of context.

Do you understand now?


Are you fully literate, Mr. Spirit? I hope you are.

>pls no, my ellipses, they've done nothing wrong
>they are young and innocent

4229469 are you? Who are you even?


You know what? You're right. I genuinely apologize for any insults I have thrown. Note that I have not yet made any insults in this blog post; those were all in TGMs blog.

4229464 that just makes it worst you idiot! So joking about. That stuff is funny? You really are stupid

4229475 Someone who read the blog, saw the transcript, and laughed at it because it's literally just something taken out of context, as the picture below indicates.

4229469 you're just showing how ugly their sense of humor is and proving my point

4229480 well I don't find it funny at all it sounds just wrong

4229479 I don't think it is possible to corrupt ellipses, since they're, you know, punctuation marks, so it's perfectly okay to joke about them.

4229488 not to every one so keep that in mind and beat it. Not funny to me

4229483 No, because I'm not petty enough to downvote things. I'm Father Brasta, Brasta to my friends, who saw TGM's blog with the transcript I mentioned, then saw this guy's blog, and was very confused by the overreaction.


Look, you embarrassed yourself and you feel vulnerable; it's alright. I've been there and felt that. It isn't fun, but you're just lashing out at people. I have been nothing but polite and considerate in your blog and I apologized for my earlier behavior, but you still feel it necessary to do things like call me an idiot. Do you truly think that is appropriate behavior?


>Calls people cowards for blocking him
>Blocks someone who didn't actually do that (me)

Okay. You're making a strong case for yourself here.

4229497 it's not an overreaction it's a opinion that happens to have merit that if ignorant ones like you can't understand

4229498 I didn't fucking embarrassed myself. I told two pricks off make very offensive joked off and you blocked me like fucking cowards. My case is settled

Shocks #20 · Sep 27th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Gosh, yeah, I totally agree with you. The assholes.

Corrupting youth is something I fight against daily.

I provide a wholesome job opportunity to underprivileged youth in Uganda.

I specialize in gathering children into freedom fighter groups and bringing about an education they wouldn't receive otherwise. I mean, sure, job security isn't the best, and sure we do have a lot of on the job accidents, but hey, when you're teaching a five year old how to make an IED with a car battery and a potato, these things tend to happen.

I hate how people think these things are a joke, they are the future. :heart:

4229604 if you actually mean that. Then thank you for your support

4229613 Do you know what an IED is?

4229636 I don't unfortunately. I'm not that smart

Shocks #24 · Sep 27th, 2016 · · 1 ·

4229656 Getting over the fact your using one of the most powerful informational sources in the world, aka, the Internet, an IED is an Improvised Explosive Device.

In lame man's terms, it's a homemade bomb.

My entire post was, completely sarcasm.

The fact you were unable to detect that tells me two things.

You're either a child or have something that effects your mental processes. Either of which should exclude you from being joked about.

So shame on you, TGM, Pegasusmesa, and Brasta.

How dare you pick on a child and or the mentally disabled.


As a neutral observer of this whole debacle, I'd like to try to make some things clearer.

And for that, I'm going to first show an example of a bad joke, and then explain why it's not funny.

TGM: pls no, they have done nothing wrong
TGM: they are just bread and tomatoes
Majin Syeekoh: Then they're perfect to make
Majin Syeekoh: Nothing like making tomato sandwiches

As you can see, this is clearly an edit of the blog made by TGM, and I refuse to believe anyone would find that funny on its own for any reason.

But why isn't it funny?
I believe the answer to that is the fact that making sandwiches is a totally banal, unremarkable act. And that it's an unremarkable act to pretty much everyone ever.
As such, an out-of-context joke about making sandwiches would fall flat for everyone, specifically because making sandwiches is a totally boring act not worth mentioning.
It would only be funny to people for whom making sandwiches is a surprise, an event so uncommon as to be unthinkable.

This leads to the obvious conclusion; the unedited joke from TGM's blog could only be funny to people for whom corrupting young innocents is an unfathomable oddity.

The whole point of the joke is that "corrupting innocents" is horrible. The joke doesn't work otherwise; just like the same joke about making sandwiches fails to work for anyone who considers making sandwiches a normal thing to do.

It's not even laughing at some hypothetical corrupted youth; it's laughing at the little part in all of us who would actually believe someone could talk so casually about such an atrocity for even a fraction of a second.
It's, at the very worst, laughing at the kind of horrible people who would so casually talk about this like it's a normal tuesday.

There's a difference between "Haha, look at those children being corrupted" and "Haha, I made you think I was talking about corrupting children; I knew you would freak out for a moment because I'm actually aware that corrupting children is a horrible crime!"

There's no need to be upset, friendo. No one here is actually a horrible person.

4229708 thanks, and holly crap those are some words there

4229768 easy castaway. He's on our side

4229776 he was assuming that because I took tgms joke to heart and ranted that out with him he assumed I was either young or I had a mental problem. Which I do, in that case he turned on tgm and his cronies.

4229793 remember. Let's not assume anything for now, what matters is that those pricks are gone with help from shocks and distructor. Let's simply just let it play out for now

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