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  • Today
    What's this? A techblog?!

    Ya boi modded his iPod today. :V
    Swapped the crusty ol' white plastic faceplate with a custom blue 6th gen one

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  • Monday
    Something happened in Sunbeam. :V

    Can you guess what happened?

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  • Friday
    I'ma write a thing for the AppleDash Warm and Fuzzy Feelings event.

    'cause this is the exact sort of stuff I've been practicing writing incognito. I like things that make me feel warm and fuzzy and safe-- especially so in 2020.

    Expect AppleDashery in the near future. :V

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  • Thursday
    Update: I am a stupid.

    Guess the who heckin' forgot that he changed his password?

    Dis boi right 'ere.

    I am the stupid. :V

    Now I can hoard cakes again.

    yay that means I don't need to buy more plushies to keep playing still

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  • Thursday
    My Webkinz account got purged. ;-;

    Haven't bought a new plushie in years, but I still dropped in and played every few months. I guess "activity" to Ganz means buying a new plush and registering it.

    So anyway, my Webkinz account that I've had since like 2nd grade no longer exists. Yay 2020. :V

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I'm now available on Tumblr! · 4:50am Sep 24th, 2016

Yup. I've finally created a tumblr page. See y'all there! :twilightsmile:

[My page]

Report TheMajorTechie · 107 views · #tumblr
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