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i like zoophobia and every character in it :3(except for rusty)

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Today is the day i go to college · 3:32pm Sep 19th, 2016

I'm nervous

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Grats on your first day of College my friend, you are taking big steps to make a good life for yourself, do not let the fear stop you, just keep your eyes ahead to the future and you will make it.

4217193 *kisses back*

Have an amazing year! :pinkiehappy:

Stay strong friend. it's alright

4217655 Still, I wish you the best!

*hugs* I wish you the best.

4218182 thanks but my college classes end at 8:30 pm

4218194 I didn't get home and on until a little over an hour ago.

4218219 It's been a long day.

4218530 luv you too

¬°Good luck!

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