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Will I ever fully come back? Maybe. Not right now though. We vibing though. PM if ya want? Will be back for most of May 12th [if not sooner bc of covid 19] [they/them/she/her]

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  • 10 weeks
    what the fuck it's my fimversary

    why is that even still in my calendar

    feel free to leave questions ig? i'm likely gonna be super bored later [unless some stuff happens idk] so i'll prob pop on again and answer them [i'd also be down to just like, conversing or smth]

    also like
    what are we feeling for what to do while i'm here all day in May? i have no plans it some times it feels like it's coming fast haha

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  • 12 weeks

    hi i check in every few days but i don't really
    do much
    came on today to find
    a new follower! wack how did that happen i don't do anything

    but i've gotten into the habit of looking at people's blogs on tumblr that follow me there so i can block them if i need to so when i used that habit here i found

    them comforting a homophobe!
    mmmmmmmm don't like that

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  • 16 weeks
    Life update

    hhhhuuuuuhh never expected to need to log back in for this much but i'm mostly here to tell y'all that uh

    • currently my tumblr is not fluffysam1212 bc my sister gave me a fucking panic attack when she found it
    • and that i moved discords! fluffysam1212#4156 now

    that's all have a nice day/night

    also it's like 5am as i write this oh m y god

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  • 82 weeks
    Official Goodbye 2/2

    As stated in the previous blog, this one will have ways you can get in touch with me other than sending me a PM here.

    DeviantArt, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr - @fluffysam1212
    Discord - fluffysam1212#4476
    Gmail/Hangouts - fluffysam1212@gmail.com (this is my preferred email even though it's not the one linked to this account)
    Outlook/Skype - fluffysam1212@outlook.com

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  • 82 weeks
    Official Goodbye 1/2

    As some may have noticed, I haven't been very active on here lately, and at this point there's few people who I still care about that's somewhat active.

    I'm just
    So fucking done
    And keeping this account active has become a bother

    It's not like I'm still watching the show
    Or still reading the fics in my library

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Spiders · 1:18pm Sep 19th, 2016

So. Story time! (Note that said story happened 10-ish minutes ago as of this blog post)
I was working on school stuff, and I didn't notice the spider until it was crawling on my homework from Friday. I freaked. I yelled 'HOLY' as loud as I could. Mind you, it scared the crap out of me. TBH it wasn't the biggest spider I've ever seen. Probably as big a little bigger than 'HOLY' soooo. :twilightsheepish:

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Comments ( 12 )

Oh come on Sammy, I'm sure it wasn't that big. How big was it?

4217055 Average?
It just startled me. Also, I have an irrational fear of spiders

4217076 So you have Arachnophobia.

4217104 I bet Nico could fix that in 2 seconds flat :ajsmug:

I love spiders, they're so cute! :rainbowkiss: Sorry, I'm I spider person so I might sound a bit crazy to you :twilightblush:

Yeah, the only spiders I like are the tiny red ones you sometimes find at pools.

At least your alright.

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