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26 year old. [possibly] assistant manager to be at a gas station. and a gamer. all while being closet brony.

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  • 111 weeks
    random update

    i'm sure a lot of people are probably wondering about the next chapter. well...kinda at a snag, since the other stories writer isn't replying to some questions, but i do know he has some trouble in his real life, so i'm gonna go on writing the chapter, as well as getting to posting a mid-way chapter [27.8] for some explanation into Blaze's magical trouble and solutions to said problems, as well

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  • 158 weeks
    WoRF update 9-9-17

    alright, i know its been sometime but i have been sick and dealing with stuff about my mom. she fell and hurt her knee [just bruised, thankfully], but she couldn't walk on it due to the pain so i had to help her out for a while, especially when she was in the middle of moving stuff to a friends for a garage sale they've been putting up together. also finally got some good hours at work and was

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  • 181 weeks
    WoRF progress.

    Sorry about the long nothingness. But I have one thing to say first...


    I got a back way into the blog system!!! It may suck but Bing....yes that Bing....was helpful for once.

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  • 204 weeks
    Ummmm...bad news or good news, not sure yet.

    Ok...I should start this blog with "my story is NOT being canceled."

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  • 206 weeks
    crystal empire chapters

    i am already 1,053 words into the chapter 23's first part. just to let all who is reading my story, i thought i should warn you of a huge twist coming, and a big cliff hanger. [no sombra is not an elemental, it is something else. it will be a huge mind fuck though :pinkiecrazy:]

    so yes. two part chapter, mind fuckery, and cliff hanger for chapter 23 part one's ending.

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wings of roaring flames/life update. · 8:20pm Sep 16th, 2016

alright, i'm finally starting on the next chapter of "Wings of Roaring Flames" 215 words in...yaaaayyyy....thats like...1/8th of a page....yeah....jesus....all this time and i only have an 1/8th of a apge of a usual...i think 10+. i mean chapter 19 is 13 pages...and no not just "12 and a half" 13. full 13 pages. a word or two on page 14.

but yeah, i havent even reached the actual episode part yet, so thats still a bit off. THAAAAN its watching the episode for the WEDDING!!!


and than a big event with sombra >:3 oh, it's gonna be great. and than i cant forget the rainbow falls trip, and the reformation/training.

THAN ITS A NEW MULTI-VERSE SEGMENT!!! just going with two...MAAAAYYYYBE a third...and notes will not be lsot now since my L desk has now got a FOLDER DRAWER FOR MY NOTEBOOKS!!!! in a....secret compartment of the big drawer...still closet life on my bony side...gotta keep it secret from the nosy nancies in my life.

what stories are they? well those are gonna be kept secret in case their mind changes on it.

and only writing during the night, when i usually have overnight shifts with my job makes it difficult.

and to all those reading my story, thank you for enjoying the story, and i hope you keep enjoying it.

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