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    Art commissions open

    Hey peeps,

    Hope you're all doing okay. Just a note to let you all know I've opened for commissions. Examples of my artwork (pony and otherwise) can be found here:


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    Thanks for looking! <3

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    So er...I haven't logged into this for like a year?

    So I only just saw all the requests in PM. I haven't deleted my stories entirely just made them private. If you like, I can set up a password so you can all read 'em.

    I'll do that tomorrow though because it's like 4am here and I'm super tired ! <3

    Edit: Also, holy shit.

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    I've basically jumped ship for the Rick and Morty fandom.

    I figure I should just come clean that It'll be unlikely I'll spend more time here. Though you probably knew that from the 30+ weeks I haven't logged into here. :P

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    I don't think writing's an option at the moment.

    Due to various things happening in my life, I don't feel the momentum to write. I have ideas, but no energy to put them to paper. Also, I personally think I haven't written anything all that interesting since Non-Entity, which wasn't my idea anyway.

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    Finale art

    So after watching the finale you will be unsurprised to hear that I drew a mountain of Fluttercord art.

    New stuff can be found here:


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I've noticed a thing... · 7:31pm Sep 5th, 2016

It’s harder for me to write a Fluttercord fic where they’re already a couple. I quite like the build up of them getting to know each other and eventually falling in love.

Trying to think of an idea of another fic that is something along those lines.

I kind of have a very vague AU idea of a magical version of a Victorian setting. Fluttershy has grown up with her draconequus friend. She has become mega famous, much to her chagrin. (She’s already famous as being one of the mane six, but this cult of celebrity has grown up around her.) She only wants to study nature rather than be part of the elite. Her Discord and her have grown apart as friends.Part of this is class barriers, and part of this is society looks down on draconequii. Discord of course, flies in the face of polite society and becomes more of a pariah. In the meantime he notices Fluttershy has more and more support and friends. Discord feels more and more jealous and demoralized by this and decides to leave and travel the world as a teenager. This breaks Fluttershy’s heart. When Discord eventually returns, Fluttershy has grown up into a beautiful mare and the two of them try to rekindle their friendship, only to have Discord realize he’s fallen in love with her.

I’m not sure how I would do this. I want everyone to be in character, of course, and I want it to be compelling and interesting. If anyone has any ideas of how this sort of plot could be made stronger I’d love to hear suggestions.

And of course, I could change my mind at any time and not write it :)

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What if she stayed famous through singing or some other means, and goes years without truly doing what she wants when she wants to, but only because somepony has blackmailed her in some way? Someone who benefits from her fame somehow and knows if she ever gets the opportunity, she'll drop it like cold turkey.

Or what If Fluttershy does something good, but also something ponies don't approve of (like I dunno, save an enemy or does something super unladylike at the time) and becomes famous in a bad way that shuns her out and Discord gives her a place to stay, and in the meantime helps her rediscover her talent with wildlife because she's out of practice?

Nothing brilliant but maybe those can help strike something within you.

Title - "Broken Society"


Set in a Victorian time period. Society is built upon class barriers, where draconquui are at the bottom. A young pegasus and her friend, a draconquss has a friendship that is slowly being ripped apart by society itself as the pegasus grows more popular, the draconquss grows more belittled.

Main Character
Name: Discord
Lord Discord
1-Friends with Fluttershy in beginning
2-Gets belittled by the higher class
3-Causes chaos to the higher class, only to be called a monster after it
4-Has a safe haven at Fluttershy's
5-Grows up away from (Something something) and becomes a powerful and rich Lord
6-Comes back to Fluttershy, only to see how amazing she became
7-Disguises as a pony, however doesn't like being a pony as it is

Secondary Main Character
Name: Fluttershy
Lady Fluttershy
1-Everyday she gets gentlecolt callers
2-Gets praised by her higher class
3-Is popular within a group of popular Lords and Ladys
4-Only wants to study nature
5-Doesn't feel happiness without Discord
6-Runs away from society when ponies find out she's friends with a draconquss
7-Sees Discord again, and falling in love with him in due time
8-Ponies lower then her, use her name to get want they want
9-When Discord comes back, he helps her get back into nature
10-Can't do nature due to her responsibilities as a Lady of society
11-Disguises as the Mysterious-Mare-Do-Well at night and gives to the poor
12-Meets Discord by trying to give him food and money, but he refuses it
13-Gets help from Discord to get rid of the blackmailer
14-Gets blackmailed for being the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well

These are only some suggestions.


Actually, I'm wondering if I could fit the Mysterious Mare Do Well in there as well. Like Fluttershy helps the poor and downtrodden in secret, and at first Discord doesn't know who she is. He's not starving on the street or anything. He just lives by his wits and magic.

I'd rather not have it be a "woe is Discord" kind of plot where he's a monster. He's actively rebellious against the class system and social mores and he is still kind of a jerk, because Discord :)

4193862 I added some more to the list if those help.

I think it sounds really interesting. No suggestions, as I've never been very good at that type of thing, but I'm excited to read it.

4193862 I too, like the idea of Fluttershy being the Mysterious Mare Do Well. It makes her active despite her shyness.

I was thinking for your story, Fluttershy does fall in love with Discord right away but keeps her feelings to herself because she's afraid that Discord wouldn't like her back seeing as how he has a grudge against the rich ponies. (I'm tired of stories where Fluttershy doesn't like Discord but later likes him all because the other suitors turned out to be much more evil than Discord).
Also emphasize on how Fluttershy learns to speak up for herself and one of the Mane Six can stay by her side and encourage her to follow her dreams.

4193862 I think it's a good start for an idea, and Mare Do Well gives a unique aspect. The only problem I foresee is how to keep it from being obvious from the get-go that it's her? Unless it doesn't matter if the audience knows...

(Sorry... been working on a mystery/cliffhanger-driven thing for forever, so I may be tweaked-out on related considerations...) :pinkiecrazy:

4194051 her not loving him right away doesn't mean there need to be rival suitors, or indeed, evil rival suitors. In my last story the pony Discord perceives as a rival is actually a friend to him and Fluttershy. The love would build up from the fact that they were once childhood friends, and now adults.

4194661 oh no, I don't mind the audience knowing it's her. Just want to keep it secret from Discord :)

I really like this idea! I don't have any suggestions but would very much support you in making this fic.

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