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More art! and update on new story. · 5:11pm Sep 4th, 2016

more art from dronehunter19 or what he rather go by Derpanater

As for an update on the new story, it's been real fun to just wright a tail, and not have to world build at the same time, a good old wasteland romp. Basic settings, post fall of the enclave on the west cost. Operation Cauterize, and the later clearing of the clouds has tipped the balance of power on it's head in the wasteland. Our main characters arrived in the aftermath of this big upheaval, a few days too late to be able to barter for food and water, and in need of basic supply's, and none to scavenge, they must head right into conflict.

I'm currently working on ch 6, smaller chapters, and with help from my editors, it's looking smooth. Also once I have some cover art, I'll publish the fist few chapters, so good luck to Derpanater on that cover art.

Another thing, I got some free art from kitana762, I got lucky and got into a charity art. X3


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Thanks kitana762 for the art, good luck with you Fo:E comic.

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Yeah... Probably wouldn't end well if a Raider took a fancy to your fancy and durable leg bracelet.

Then again, considering fallout 3 and it's downloadable content, such a situation didn't end so well for a Gary either. And that Gary was enjoying the company of the Brotherhood of steel.

The new story idea sounds interesting. Surely the Wasteland wouldn't be an exactly orderly area after Littlepip cleared up the skies. There still would be raiders and gangs, the leftovers from Red Eye's slavers, some still unstable alicorns, the divide between the Steel Rangers, whatever remains of the Enclave, and all the monsters.

Don't know how the Hellhounds would take the new world.

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