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Every story has an ending, but in life every ending sparks a new beginning...

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    Hey guys.

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I Think Its Time For Me to go Into Hiding For a Bit · 11:39pm Aug 27th, 2016

Guess what guys? Massive argument today. Had to delete a few blog posts to ensure that the argument dies a little. Won't go into the specifics but, ah, I think I got some new haters. XD

Far be it from me to have an opinion. Whatever, haters gonna hate.

My story update schedule will not be affected. Please do not ask me what the argument was about if you didn't witness it. I'm not dragging up this bullshit anymore.

Report Coconut of Doom · 208 views · #News #Hate
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Comments ( 7 )

Hey man, I don't hate you. Don't let them bring you down and do what you think is right.

4175962 I did what was right.

Look at how it ended. XD
Such is the way if you do something right.

4175972 Yep and I agree what you did was right. You did what had to be done to make Fimfiction a community where we all feel welcome.

4175981 Yep. This fandom is a great fandom. People like a certain someoneIwontmentionforfearofadminwrath can taint it with their...ways.

While we are a very perverted fandom, we are the most friendly and caring fandom. Not a nazi-worshiping and racist fandom.

4175999 There are plenty of thoseweshouldntmention but yeah, overall the fandom is good and yeah, it is perverted but hey, I have a feeling that most are.

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