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  • 197 weeks

    I'm just gonna stand here and avoid you Kat while your anger burns itself out. :fluttershbad:
    I don't like the words you've said toward me.

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  • 200 weeks

    That moment when you worry so badly for a friend. :fluttershysad:
    You see, I took Kat and Vince with me to go hiking yesterday. Kat had never been hiking before in her entire life. But she agreed anyway.
    So me and Vince got our things ready and waited for Kat..... She arrived a few minutes late. :unsuresweetie:
    She tried to apologize for being late, but I told her it didn't matter.

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  • 203 weeks
    I guess life isn't fair.....

    Fuck. I learned my dog Blue has cancer. :raritycry:

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  • 203 weeks

    So I was hangin with Rusty earlier right before she went offline yesterday.
    She has put a hand to her head and said she kinda felt lightheaded.
    That would kinda figure when you realize how much pain she was in. I simply couldn't take that fact of why she would allow herself to be in such a state.
    So I offered her one of my painkillers.

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  • 205 weeks

    Rusty says she's lonely. But look how many followers she has!! It's like she's become a cult religion! :rainbowhuh: But suppose none of them are on when she is.....

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Jealousy · 8:27am Aug 25th, 2016

OK so recently me and Rusty had a quite nice day...... Almost.
She broke a tooth and stopped eating. Worried, I drove her to the dentist so someone could look at it. Well, when she got seen, she was so very fearful. I had forgotten she was terrified of the dentist..... And they seemed to know that too, so they had a children's dentist see her.
They had to sedate her to even begin working in her mouth. :fluttershysad:
Once she saw the dental needle, she went stiff and wide-eyed with fear.
Of course, once they were done, she was loopy from the seditive.... And I had to carry her out of the office. Damn she's kinda heavy. :trixieshiftright:
Once it wore off, she kinda complained of a bad headache. Said her jaw kinda hurt.
What do you expect when you break a molar?
Well, I brought her home..... Sadly, I see why she doesn't want anyone at her house.
Her two brothers were fighting. And when I say fighting, I mean shouting and throwing things at each other. :rainbowhuh: Damn....
I saw Rusty physically have to get in the middle of them both and separate them. Kinda funny when you realize she's only 5ft2, and both brothers are close to 5ft11. :twilightsheepish:
But then she goes online..... And sees the art Thunderbolt sentinel is gushing over.
Thinks since her art isn't digital, it simply isn't good enough. :fluttershysad: But I've seen her put HOURS into these things, and spent the time to color them....

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Comments ( 12 )

Her art is not the best, but she puts a lot of effort in it, and I think it's quite nice. :)
I hope for a speedy recovery :)

4170605 I just hope she doesn't have the stress hurt her from the fact they were fighting. Stress isn't that good for her. :fluttershbad:

Its saddening that rusty can't seem to go a week without geting hurt:fluttershysad:

4170611 I know. But I think you do your best to help her. :) so ... she'll be fine :rainbowkiss:

Now, I understood why she's jealous of how much I love the picture Stellar made me. She makes me art all the time, and I don't say much to anyone but her. But I paid for Stellar to make that months ago and I've been waiting for it for a long time. :twilightsheepish:

Well of course she's heavy, she's full of love and compassion. And those aren't light let me tell you. Shame she had lost a tooth, how is she feeling right now?

4171700 Pm me and I'll tell you. :fluttershysad:

4170688 I see. :applejackunsure: And although Stellar won't have to lay her, Rusty might end up drawing her something. Tis her rule.
If someone draws something for her, she wants to return the favor.:applejackunsure:

4170644 I try my best. :twilightsheepish: Sad how I can't always be there for her.

4170636 Yeah..... She's kinda unlucky. :fluttershysad:

4174767 if you need help, just know that I'll do my best :)

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