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  • 199 weeks

    I'm just gonna stand here and avoid you Kat while your anger burns itself out. :fluttershbad:
    I don't like the words you've said toward me.

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  • 202 weeks

    That moment when you worry so badly for a friend. :fluttershysad:
    You see, I took Kat and Vince with me to go hiking yesterday. Kat had never been hiking before in her entire life. But she agreed anyway.
    So me and Vince got our things ready and waited for Kat..... She arrived a few minutes late. :unsuresweetie:
    She tried to apologize for being late, but I told her it didn't matter.

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  • 204 weeks
    I guess life isn't fair.....

    Fuck. I learned my dog Blue has cancer. :raritycry:

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  • 204 weeks

    So I was hangin with Rusty earlier right before she went offline yesterday.
    She has put a hand to her head and said she kinda felt lightheaded.
    That would kinda figure when you realize how much pain she was in. I simply couldn't take that fact of why she would allow herself to be in such a state.
    So I offered her one of my painkillers.

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  • 206 weeks

    Rusty says she's lonely. But look how many followers she has!! It's like she's become a cult religion! :rainbowhuh: But suppose none of them are on when she is.....

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I guess life isn't fair..... · 8:06am Sep 12th, 2016

Fuck. I learned my dog Blue has cancer. :raritycry:

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Comments ( 4 )

Just one thought.... Blue looks like Patches. I.....I can't help you.
I miss Patches too much. :raritydespair:

Sorry to hear that :applejackunsure:

*hugs* Sorry to hear that.

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