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Just a simple university student from Michigan.

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  • 236 weeks
    "The Machine" & "The Time" Timeline

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  • 355 weeks
    The Machine OC's

    This is a guide to some original characters that appeared on my recently completed fic, "The Machine", plus what I like to imagine is their ideal VA's

    Adam Gray (1865 - ????)
    The main character
    VA: any male VA you want it to be.

    Henry Wotton (1855 - 1946)
    Adam's only best friend.
    VA: Jonathan Frakes
    had two kids:

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  • 356 weeks
    Ponytones -We're Giving A Party

    Big Mac
    Torch Song
    Toe Tapper

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  • 359 weeks
    How to tell if you believe in humbug

    So you have this theory, but you want to see if it is possible and definitely not bullshit. To help you figure that out, just follow these just follow these five simple steps:

    Step #1: Make an observation.

    Step #2: Ask a question.

    Step #3: Form a hypothesis

    Step #4: Conduct an experiment.

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  • 366 weeks
    Happy December!

    Hopefully this month will be a little bit better than all the other months of this tepid year.

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updates · 11:24am Aug 7th, 2016

Just wanted to announce that I am still writing, but it has been a very slow process. Hopefully new things will be added and maybe actually start a new story someday. We'll see how it goes.

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