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Alistair has finally found a new family to work for after his previous employer died.

Having been a faithful butler for the past fourteen years, he has seen many things and is ready to take on whatever this new family will throw at him.

Unfortunately, this particular family may end up becoming the death of him.

These are one in many short stories all collected here in a single piece of work.
Any character except the Mane Six and Princesses can be featured.

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This story is a sequel to Heartaches By The Number

One year since Big Mac and Pinkie Pie got together, and they have never been more happier. Although some bumps show up along the way such as Big Mac's fear of getting intimate or Pinkie's sister also having a crush on the stallion.

Things don't seem to be going well between Fluttershy and her special somepony.

And Cheerilee has learned to love again, but with someone quite unexpected.

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Stories from the S.S. FlutterMac group collab prompt thread.

All stories 100 words or more

and all authors linked at the beginning of each chapter

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A year since they last saw each other, Fluttershy and Dash decided to catch up with each other at Fluttershy's cottage over dinner.

FlutterDash with other shipping mentioned.

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Big Mac is a simple farm pony who wants nothing but to work and care for his family. But things change when Cheerilee wants to get back together with him and Fluttershy confesses her feelings for him on the exact same day.
Now Big Mac is stuck in the middle and Applejack has to put up with all the craziness (as usual).

A collaboration between myself and Joy Stick

Rated Teen for adult humor and situations.

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This story is a sequel to Geometry

Twilight and Time Turner are engaged and set to be married with Celestia planning something special for Twilight.
The relationship between Fluttershy and Big Mac is put to the test when a jealous Cherilee finds out about them.
Both Rainbow Dash and Applejack find themselves having a crush on the same stallion.
Relationships will be broken, new ones formed and destinies fullfilled in this final 13 chapter long installment of the "Saturday Trilogy"

Takes place after "Do Something About Saturday!" and "Geometry"

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Adam Gray is a late 19th century physicist and professor, after tragedy strikes, he decides to build a time machine to prevent it, but along the way he ends up going into the far future where he ends up in a civilization dominated by colorful magical ponies.

Watch as Adam learns about this new world while a powerful villian tries to defeat him.

Currently re-writing and expanding random chapters.

NOTE: The first 2 chapters will not have any ponies in it, instead focusing on the main charcter and how he ends up in Equestria. All subsequent chapters will have ponies.

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One-and-a-half years after the dissapearance of Lyra and Bon Bon, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sent back in time by a moving statue to Ponyville 70 years in the past and meet Lyra Heartstrings, who is now a detective trying to defeat the statues. With her help, they try to stop them and find a way to get back home.

Based off the Doctor Who episode "The Angels Take Manhatten" plot-wise.
A sequel to "Blink"

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This story is a sequel to Do Something About Saturday!

Fluttershy loves Big Mac, but Big Mac doesn't know that.
Big Mac loves Twilight, but Twilight doesn't know that.
Twilight and Time Turner have been dating for a year and Twilight wants to take the next step in their relationship.
Rarity wants Fluttershy to find love.
Rainbow Dash is developing feelings of jealousy.
Applejack is caught in the middle and trying to hold on to her sanity.
and Pinkie Pie...is well...Pinkie Pie.

Takes place one year after "Do Something About Saturday!", but it is not required to read.
Rated teen for some sexual references (but no Clop).

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Twilight Sparkle finds herself ahead of schedule with nothing to do on Saturday. Rarity decides to use that opportunity to set her up on a date with the local time keeper who has a crush on Twilight.

Will Twilight survive her first date? Will she find love? Will she get revenge on Rarity?

Big thanks to alexanderhunt88 for finding me this cover image!

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