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Rainbow Spectrum

I'm one of the people who knows every song in the show, all the latest news in the fandom, and never misses an episode. Is that weird?

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    Why I haven't been here...

    So, I bet you're wondering why I decided to show up after being away for forever. Soooo. Here. I felt pressured with all the work I had to do and kinda avoided coming on here for a while, which is why many of you were wondering where I was. I hadn't lost interest, no not at all, in fact I even had some more ideas while I was off FIM, I just felt really overwhelmed and thought if I forgot about it

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    Sorry I've been behind!

    Sorry I've been so late with everything, I'm still working on the Christmas thing, and the card. I haven't been feeling to wheel recently, and I didn't do much writing or drawing during that time. I'm starting to feel better, so expect them to come In a day or too.
    Your Cookie Muncher,

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    Anyone want to be in a Christmas picture with me?
    preferably, friends..

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Prepare · 6:28am Jul 27th, 2016

All I have to say is prepare,
Prepare for the Applespike ship.
(I mean Apple as in applejack, not Apple bloom.)

Report Rainbow Spectrum · 64 views · #Prepare
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Comments ( 2 )

Hmm... very intriguing... :trixieshiftright:

Consider me prepared. :twilightsmile:

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