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This Fic Has 1k Problems, But Stopping Isn't One of Them · 1:40am Jul 18th, 2016

Nevertheless, I must direct your attention over to this: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/654693/so-we-have-a-bit-of-a-situation-over-in-the-just-essay-camp

Long story short... you can't upload past chapter 1000 of a fimfic document (lulz).

Currently, I am continuing Appledashery one tiny chapter at a time. There's a "turning point" coming up soon that will serve as a better dropoff/cliffhanger. Once I get to that spot (could be a week or two), I'll recompile the current chapters so that it all ends properly at 1000. Then I'll go about starting an Appledashery Volume Two.

I apologize for the upcoming lapse. This is simply... something I didn't anticipate, but probably should have. I'm certain most of you wouldn't be along for the ride at this point if you weren't used to melodramatically long lapses in emotional good health.

But thanks for following all the same.

Will continue in a part two soon.

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Proud to say I was there to see that 1k chapter limit reached. Got here around the five hundred chapter mark and have never regretted it. Seeing the updates for Appledashery in my notifications is the highlight of my day.

I'm un-proud to say I wasn't there.

Stardew Valley is addictive... :ajsleepy:


So you finally reached the limit, you glorious bastard? Onwards to book 2!

Best story on here. Can't wait til you get everything sorted out!

Congratulations. This has to be a first for this site. :facehoof:

Welp, for all it's worth, I finally caught up (lol)

Well. I only just noticed this. And here I thought we'd upset you. Glad to know that wasn't the case.

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