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  • 149 weeks
    Okay... update

    Yea... things have been, less than ideal.

    Quite a few bad things have happened IRL over the course of the past months.
    Only a couple of months ago did I get back to writing the latest chapter for
    Observation after dealing with said issues.

    Last month, my old PC died but I managed to save things from it. Turns out
    not everything was saved- I've lost the WIP of the latest chapter and the

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  • 149 weeks

    Lets get to writing!

    Where the hell are my fimfics?
    Derp, may have forgotten to transfer them over from my near dead laptop.

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  • 172 weeks
    Not of Christmas cheer

    Do not read if you want to keep your Christmas cheer free of taint,

    for the news will mean the story will have to wait,

    as of last week- I've lost my best mate.

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  • 176 weeks
    Rememberance + rant

    (I've tagged my story I wrote for last year's commemoration)

    We ALL live on borrowed time, not because life is finite: but rather because somebody has died to allow us to live.

    *RANT* [edit]

    People of all creeds, faith and race died across both World Wars along with those afterwards.

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  • 195 weeks
    "Never again once was cried," - Poem

    Never again once was cried,
    By those who lived that Great War,
    Having seen their friends cut down,
    On that bleak Western Front;

    Yet war came again,
    For their children,
    Cursing another generation,
    To the horror that is war;

    Many more died,
    In their millions,
    To feed that beast,
    That is called war;

    Little could be done,
    To tame this beast,
    As it came amongst us all,

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"Pity those whom dream of war" - Poem · 10:25pm Jul 3rd, 2016

Pity those whom dream of war,
Taught by film or game,
The supposed glory,
Gained in battle;

They dream of war,
While thousands flee,
They slumber thinking of the fame,
And of honour;

Like those in the past,
Answering the call to war,
They joined in droves,
Those poor unlucky souls;

Many of them too,
Dreamt of war,
Recalling past glories,
They marched to war;

Cut down in droves,
Like wheat in the harvest,
Scythed down by their foe,
Never to dream again;

They walk back to their lines,
And see the dead,
Friend and foe alike,
Floating in that manmade bog;

Pity those whom dream of war,
Ignoring lessons of old,
As they march into war,
Only to see history repeat itself.

Geraint 03/7/2016

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