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Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel

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  • 1 week
    Help for a friend

    Okay, I know me and Lightning have had our differences, but a friend of his... Well, he's about to be put out on the street and needs some cash. So... would you kindly lend a hand? A GoFundMe page has been set up.


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  • 2 weeks
    Sorry to drop this on you...

    Listen, that friend of mine who was sorta on the edge of taking his own life a while back? Well...


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  • 2 weeks
    Happy 20th Birthday to Me

    Yep, that time of year again, and now I'm just one year away from becoming a legal adult. ...Honestly, don't feel any different at all really. Seriously, still feel like I'm nineteen, just like I still felt I was still eighteen last year.

    Ah well, maybe when my 21st rolls around, something will change.

    ...And cue obligatory cute pony art.

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  • 3 weeks
    A Very Public Apology

    Okay, now some of you may claim I'm doing this to save face, and perhaps, deep down, that's possibly true, but I want to apologize not just to my good friend SudokuBrony, but to LightningSword as well.

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  • 4 weeks
    Really Important News

    Well, I'm sorry for bringing this guy up, and if you haven't heard the news about this... Guess who's back?

    27 comments · 142 views

So I've got a Youtube channel now... · 3:15am Jul 2nd, 2016

Well, just gone and made myself a Youtube channel where you can see the various videos that I'll post. They'll mostly be music videos but who knows, other stuff may pop up in the future. If you go to my channel, it's still fairly obvious that I'm still trying to figure everything out so fair warning.


Here, I'll also post my first upload that hopefully won't get taken down in the near future. (Yeah, just jinxed myself didn't I?)

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