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About the Latest Chapter, and Future Plans · 7:25pm May 23rd, 2016

So, first a little history of the past ten days.

Our water pipes are over 60 years old and shit fucking broke again for the third time in the last ten months. Then we got a big nasty storm that lasted two days and kept knocking my power out 15-30 minutes after it was turned back on (it took 2+ hours each time to get "fixed"). This storm also caused flooding, a not small amount of which went straight into the broken ass water pipes while the city was trying fix the disinfectant levels so it would be safe to drink. This is currently day 10 of the undrinkable tap water problem and who fucking knows when it'll be fixed.

So, the take away here is that I had wanted to post more horsewords, but lost several days of writing time due to living in a shit city. That plus I'm still godawful at estimating word counts. This resulted in having to split what should have been one chapter into two. Point is, the next chapter will explain why the first part of chapter 2 looks like a rewrite that wasn't edited out. So please be patient and save the bitching* for the next chapter.

For those who require an actual meta explanation right now, here's a pasted comment reply:

I'd tried starting a rewrite with a less wacky and OOC Celestia way, way back about 2 weeks after the first chapter was posted. Coming back to things almost 2 years later, it felt like it'd be more disappointing to readers to do a plain rewrite of something that a whole lot of people liked than to try to integrate the concepts I had for the rework into the original. Not that this is without its own problems. The main reason for even thinking of a rewrite was a big old dose of feeling like I'd already played all the jokes I could get out of the premise, yet the actual story I'd wanted to tell wasn't really done. It's a really nasty place to be in as an author, and I sincerely hope I can just get through this story without upsetting too many people.

Serious question: Should I change the tags? If yes, what to?

As for the future, I'm going to finish Fat for an Alicorn, then move back to Twilight's Bird Feeder. Fat for an Alicorn has one more chapter of story, then possibly a few extra tidbits in a bonus chapter**. Once Twilight's Bird Feeder is rolling along properly, I'm going to try to weave between chapters of that and chapters of the sequel to Fat for an Alicorn.

And now, I'll leave the floor open to questions.

* This is a joke. Please don't hate me.
** No promises.

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Comments ( 3 )

Do you have any plans of ever reviving/finishing What Brings Us Together? Sorry to bring up the past but it still remains my favorite TwiDash fic. I started reading it well before joining the site and writing my own fics and I would love to see it completed. :twilightblush: Sorry...

Well, in regards to changing the tags, that really depends on what type of story you're going to tell. Is still going to be a RomCom or not? To me, that's what it really boils down to.

3966966 Sums up what I thought perfectly.

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