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  • 473 weeks
    Help Wanted

    So the idea behind posting this mess was originally to cleanse my palette: clear out all the old unfinished junk, and set out to new, greener pastures with new, better ideas for stories that I could write, now that I have the time and inclination to do so.

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  • 492 weeks
    Further Context

    Things as I spoke about them in my last blog largely went as planned. I finished up my studies, did pretty damn well in a few things, and I'm all set to start work at the beginning of February. Got my shoes and shirts, slowly learning what an iron is for, etcetera and so on.

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  • 505 weeks

    A great value of fanfiction is in the context that automatically surrounds any work you create. Biblical Monsters for example, would have difficulty being such a focused, tragic tale of miscommunication without the MLP context. In some sense, this whole site is one big collaborative writing project.

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  • 578 weeks
    Well this is interesting.

    Hey everybody, how's it going? I've been super busy with tonnes of work all year – went up a year in uni, took on an extra subject, got a part-time job, started some personal projects – and thus very scarce around these parts. It's work I'm glad to be doing, and I'm learning a lot and generally having a good time, but I just haven't had a lot of time for pony stuff, and that probably won't change

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  • 594 weeks
    That feel when 10+ blog post notifications

    Twilight's new hairstyle will be the shark-jumping moment for this show, I'm certain of it. Time to start writing Littlest Pet Shop fics.

    Also... I like this theory.

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BWAM · 5:43am Sep 2nd, 2012

As you may have already noticed, the second episode/chapter of I Dream of Daisies came out yesterday, along with about a bazillion other things. Apparently there's some long weekend in the US or something... enjoy those white pants while you still can.

So this was the Twilight Sparkle episode, which followed the Rainbow Dash episode, and will be followed by the it-shouldn't-be-too-hard-to-guess episode. I can't really give an ETA on that third chapter other than "when it's done lol", but with any luck there won't be a five month wait this time, seeing as I've not got anymore Long Distance chapters to write.

I'm planning on releasing one or two other stories before the next chapter of IDoD because seriously these ideas are gnawing at my brain and I must write them. So keep an eye out for those, you might like them.

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