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    HOLY SHIT!!!

    I ain't been here since march of 2017?!

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    Been gone.

    For about three weeks now? Idk, it's been a minute, slacking on obligations and such is fun n all. But I'm back with a new one shot and a few updates for a story that I haven't touched since publishing...

    Yep, here is my short burst of creativity for the year.:trixieshiftright:

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    The Zone

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    Well now that's a thing.

    Idk how long it's been a thing though, because I post a story like once a year... But apparently auto-submission has been a thing for some time now, the more you know I guess.:trixieshiftright:

    Oh right, and I got a new little one shot up. Bad Advice

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    it has begun.

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New episode... · 1:44am May 9th, 2016

Rarity called our favorite cyan speedster Dashie... It was possibly the strangest thing in the entire twenty two minutes for me.

That is all.

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It was odd, wasn't it? But I think Pinkie Pie has done it before as well.

3931814 yea, but that's like pinkie's trademark name for Rainbow. Up until now she's been the only one to use it, because it's a silly and care free way to address the Pegasus. Pinkie has pretty much coined nicknames for the entirety of the mane six.

Idk, I just can't get it out of my head now. I think my mind would break if I heard Applejack say it...:applejackconfused:

3932693 Rarity generally always calls pony's Darling, but I could see her being the next most willing to use pet names or endearments on ponys. So I can see her using Dashiell as a pet name on occasion.

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