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  • 192 weeks
    I have an announcement


    Also, I hate myself for forgetting about my fanfics.

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  • 199 weeks
    Today has been productive

    Next chapter for KoT, WoE is about 75% done, rewrite for the Moon And Its wolf is about 95% done, and finally the next chapter of the Guardian of Peace is about 85% done.

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  • 202 weeks
    Recently got a game

    It's a game I've wanted to get for a while now...but I hadn't the spare funds for it. Now I have it and I must say it is awesome. I am talking, of course, about a game called Subnautica, and I love it. The graphics are amazing, the A.I. is awesome, The Sea Emperor is adorable, and I have just hatched the Baby Emperors...and they didn't eat me! Not even a little bit. The only thing I hate about

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  • 204 weeks
    Okay...kind of a setback.

    Okay let me paint you a picture. I store most, if not all, of my story ideas, incomplete chapters, and basic character info on a thumb drive. That thumb drive is also used as a backup should my hardware french fry on me.

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  • 205 weeks
    Story announcement, and quick story statuses

    Well Guess what? The little gnome inside my head has been pestering me with a story idea for the past, I'd say, week and 1/2...so sometime in the north so nearby future, most likely on completion of one of my stories, my latest psychotic creation 'My, don't I look Grim?' will be coming to a Fimfiction near you!

    a Moon and It's Wolf ~ Hiatus, pending editing

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Well... · 5:26am Apr 23rd, 2016

Apparently if you activate the interactive pony thing...a rainbow dash appears

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