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Titles Are Hard · 6:39pm Apr 17th, 2016

How's it going folks? Is it April already? Man, time flies fast these days. Maybe it's because it's the tail end of yet another semester and I'm feeling like my head's in a blender. So, what's going on?

Well, for those of you who don't know, next weekend is Babscon, which I will be attending. I missed last year due to financial reasons (and living under a rock), but I ain't missing it this time around! I'm going to try to work something out so that I'm at least identifiable in the crowd for anyone who will be in attendance. Not cosplay, but something or other.

But before that little vacation... hoo boy. Lots of stuff on my plate, and very little of it to do with writing, sadly. For you IT techies out there, I'll be taking the first half of my CompTIA A+ certification, and the second half probably in the following week. For those of you who don't know what that is... it's a big deal. Let me put it this way; most IT companies won't even look at a tech specialist if they don't see an A+ in their resume. It pretty much says I know how to computer. But if I see one more DHCP or IPv4 or port question, I'm going to throttle someone. There may even be collateral damage. Just mass strangulations all round. So if you see a news story about someone choking out half a campus, just know that updates may be delayed for a while.

What else? Oh yes. On a more serious note, I've officially decided to move A King Unmatched and Pride or Joy onto Hiatus. Why? Because trying to work on all three at the same time is not working well for me. So, I'm going to focus on The Advent of Applejack, knock that one out, then work down the list, and we'll go from there. And to intercept those people who might worry I'll never pick those two stories up again, don't you worry about that. The daydreams about scenes are still strong. I promise I will be returning to them someday. But for now, have mercy on me.

Okay, I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say. It's nice having a new season for inspiration, but darn it, give me a Rainbow Dash or Applejack episode already! I need me some applebutt and speedpone.

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I thought about poking you earlier today about A King Unmatched, but this works. Also, yes, a good applebutt episode already.

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