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You can't destroy darkness, you can only repel it.

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    Part Two May Take a While

    Now that the first part of 'The Date' has finally come to light, Part Two has already kickstarted to around five-hundred words the day after the publish.

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  • 69 weeks
    Chapter's Progress

    There has been unnecessary procrastination, and lack of motivation with the chapter, which is why there hasn't been an update or notification for a while.

    It is standing at 2,400-ish words and is still incomplete. I cannot say when it'll be done but rest assured that it will get republished. And as mentioned in a previous blog: I will post a blog to notify you all when it is up.

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    My Beloved Darkness...

    Oh how it ails my soul to see you this way...

    Those deplorable fools...

    How could they have done this to you?

    How could they have wronged you so? To mistreat you. To abuse you for their benefit.

    And now look at you, my beloved darkness...

    You've transformed into a ravenous beast, devouring everything in your path.

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    Chapter Twenty-Seven Being Rewritten

    Due to a couple of anonymous criticism (to which I do take seriously), chapter Twenty-Seven has been unpublished and will be republished as the 'First Date' chapter when it is done.

    I will notify in a blog when it will be back up, as I'm sure there's no notification when an unpublished chapter gets republished.

    Sincere apologies to those who were unsatisfied.

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    Why Do You Favor the Light?

    Harbingers of harmonious light.

    Why do you choose to live in the light?

    Is it your hatred of darkness, or your fear of the unknown, or what lurks within the shadowy veil?

    You acknowledge the importance of darkness, yet you shun it.

    Does it frighten you? It is about as harmless as a fangless spider.

    It may crawl. It may be terrifying to look at.

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Took Me Long Enough! · 4:27am Apr 13th, 2016

Man, oh man. The meager trial one writer must wade through to reach that 100K word count in one story achievement. Granted, it's nothing to boast about. And the partial reason for taking this long to get there are those massive breaks between each chapter. Some published in two to four days, while most got published between one to couple months.

I'm glad, but also saddened, that it took three years to get this far.

Well I made this sound like a total bummer, huh? And it's because of the sporadic that the major followers (take SuperMarioDemon for example) of the story have "abandoned" FiMFic. Sure there'll be new ones, but I've never seen readers like said follower so dedicated into my work. It's a downer they're gone.

Bah. What's with this pessimism? I should be celebrating one of the smallest achievement a writer can achieve.

Those who've helped and those who've tracked the story, I must humbly express my gratitude for your patronage. Patronage, you ask? Yes, patronage as in your support; your likes, favorites, comments. Each little thing like those are what helped motivate me to forge on. Thanks.


Comments ( 5 )

Glad you stuck with it!

3867059 As am I to you for sticking around. Thank you.

Congratulations on the not-so-minor-at-all achievement! That's a lot of words. Say what you want about it taking three years, but you truly have built and established your own world and character dynamic(s) by now, or at least grown familiar with them, or both.

Try not being so down about it all. I probably don't belong to your major followers, as I was at my peak activity here before MDSLiE. So, take it as you wish; but I'm glad you chose to give Rick life in Equestria from that poll way back. I enjoy a good HiE, and, in my opinion, MDSLiE counts as that. And then, even as I'm not an active reader here anymore*, it's a special kind of fun to see that the stories which started way back are still alive, because of writer's dedication. If nothing else, that's admirable.

So I offer you some cheers, and keep on being awesome. That's not a minor achievement.

*I'm not reading much here anymore, because of multiple reasons, which can be boiled down to waning interest, I guess. That probably goes for many long-time members. But when I get around to reading again, I'll be caching up! :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by Keeper-of-Harmony deleted Apr 13th, 2016

3868256 Your kindhearted comment is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

And the fact you, Scar and those who've clung to this story as to this day has me smiling.

3867059 Oh, and sorry for not mentioning this:

I might not have been an active commenter, but I have quietly been adoring and praising each and every novel you've written. Keep on writing, my fellow author. Your stories are an inspiration not just to me but to many others.

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