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Part Three is at a Brick Wall · 12:05am Nov 26th, 2022

I've only gotten a couple hundred words in currently. However, I'm at a point where I want to insert some moments, whether it be comic and/or develop progression to our human character.

To clarify: what do you, my readers, think what should be done to make this date all the more "interesting"? For example: Twilight offered Rick her tutorship on magic. Should he try magic? There's probably enough fanfictions that have such a cliche.

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Won't Be Long Now · 8:20pm Nov 20th, 2022

A new chapter will be published sometime next week.

EDIT: To rephrase: the chapter will be published within the week. I may have found a tiny bit of inspiration to finish it. It's somewhat short. Like over one-thousand words short. Thankfully there'll be a part three to conclude 'The Date'! Hope you all look forward to its publishment.


Part Two May Take a While · 12:28am Aug 9th, 2020

Now that the first part of 'The Date' has finally come to light, Part Two has already kickstarted to around five-hundred words the day after the publish.

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Chapter's Progress · 8:48am May 26th, 2020

There has been unnecessary procrastination, and lack of motivation with the chapter, which is why there hasn't been an update or notification for a while.

It is standing at 2,400-ish words and is still incomplete. I cannot say when it'll be done but rest assured that it will get republished. And as mentioned in a previous blog: I will post a blog to notify you all when it is up.

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My Beloved Darkness... · 9:30pm May 8th, 2020

Oh how it ails my soul to see you this way...

Those deplorable fools...

How could they have done this to you?

How could they have wronged you so? To mistreat you. To abuse you for their benefit.

And now look at you, my beloved darkness...

You've transformed into a ravenous beast, devouring everything in your path.

All the love you craved. All the attention you desired. I can only do so much as one being.

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Chapter Twenty-Seven Being Rewritten · 9:58pm May 6th, 2020

Due to a couple of anonymous criticism (to which I do take seriously), chapter Twenty-Seven has been unpublished and will be republished as the 'First Date' chapter when it is done.

I will notify in a blog when it will be back up, as I'm sure there's no notification when an unpublished chapter gets republished.

Sincere apologies to those who were unsatisfied.

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Why Do You Favor the Light? · 8:39pm May 5th, 2020

Harbingers of harmonious light.

Why do you choose to live in the light?

Is it your hatred of darkness, or your fear of the unknown, or what lurks within the shadowy veil?

You acknowledge the importance of darkness, yet you shun it.

Does it frighten you? It is about as harmless as a fangless spider.

It may crawl. It may be terrifying to look at.

But there is no need to be scared of what cannot harm you.

What you should be afraid of, however, is your ignorance.

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Sorry For the Confusion If There Was Any · 5:54am Apr 30th, 2020

This is why I need to stop posting blogs whenever I'm deprived of sleep.

Those muddled by the 'Renamed Extra Chapter' blog, I will clarify in this blog that today's published chapter, Twenty-Six, serves as an extension of chapter Twenty-Five because I felt that the length wasn't just. So, yeah, Twenty-Six was published to appease those who may have found Twenty-Five unsatisfactory.

Even then, I still have a nagging feeling that the quality and pacing are lackluster.

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Renamed Extras Chapter · 8:23pm Apr 28th, 2020

I felt that there wasn't enough justice with the extra chapter being as it is, so it'll be considered a normal chapter. Later, today, or tomorrow, there'll be an extension of the previous chapter published ergo there will be more cuteness on the way!

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There Shall Be an Extras Chapter · 4:29am Apr 21st, 2020

So, how do you all fare on a Father-Daughter bonding extra chapter?

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