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  • 93 weeks
    finally back

    ok it has been a few years and i mean along time. i am back with stuff i will be posting more stories and i will be writing more as well. i am in a spot where i can do so i will finish twilight's strip club adventure before moving on to darkside. i am going to need an editor cause doing it alone will be to hard and with that i will be possibly working soon i won't be writing often. i will do

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  • 184 weeks
    time to shine

    i am back with a big project in the works here and as a book series irl gong to be an original story and possibly several books as wll. i can say darkside of equestria is going strong as well and i plan to have several chapters done before continue. also going to be getting a tablet soon so i can write from there and send it to myself via email as well.

    i shall keep everypony posted

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  • 220 weeks

    Silver Starshine

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  • 221 weeks
    Cheyenne brony group

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1583738258605588/ for those in Wyoming or Cheyenne or more come join

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  • 221 weeks
    Cheyenne Brony Bash

    looking for people who know the con scene or have helped with cons before if anyone who can help id appercaite it

    skype is shadowfox2022

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backstory · 5:22am Apr 10th, 2016

Silver Starshine
as a foal is was great with helping his parents dusk moonshine and starly grace. he was accustomed to using alchemy in medical and making drinks. he suffered the loss of his father from a crash that left him depressed for years. he went to magic school at the request of his mom seeing as he could learn more.he is from manehatten so the move was a stressful one as he would be on his own. getting to study magic and perfecting his alchemy was his goal but meet a timid Pegasus named Dawn Blazing who caught his eye in class and on the streets of canterlot. they started talking after he saved her from local bullies who thought her mane was trash and ugly.the two hit it off swapping stories from their past and silver explained his dads death. silver asked her to the gala one year later making it a time they wont ever forget.
more to come later

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