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    HOLY SHIT!!!

    I ain't been here since march of 2017?!

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    Been gone.

    For about three weeks now? Idk, it's been a minute, slacking on obligations and such is fun n all. But I'm back with a new one shot and a few updates for a story that I haven't touched since publishing...

    Yep, here is my short burst of creativity for the year.:trixieshiftright:

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    The Zone

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    Well now that's a thing.

    Idk how long it's been a thing though, because I post a story like once a year... But apparently auto-submission has been a thing for some time now, the more you know I guess.:trixieshiftright:

    Oh right, and I got a new little one shot up. Bad Advice

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    it has begun.

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Writing. · 10:12pm Apr 7th, 2016

The storms of the south were clearly seen from the capitol atop of the mountain, and it only proved to sour the mood of the Alicorn looking down on it from her balcony. It had nearly been a full twenty four hours since Rarity took off towards Ponyville without council permission. A full twenty four hours of doubt and contemplations, like why was she so eager to go. It wasn’t like there ever was really a chance for success there, let alone survival.

The princess turned from her looming position on the balcony to look back into her chambers. Darkness, for centuries she’d have it no other way, however the land has been dark enough for far too long. No pony could have predicted the costly outcome of Twilight’s expedition into Tartarus. How the the world as a whole would pay for tainting the Veil, even now the princess sitting atop of the balcony doesn’t want to believe in the Veil. The place where ponies souls go to rest, the place where all magic is inherently gifted from, since her long existence there has been no proof of such a place. Magic yes, monsters yes, but those two things combined was still nowhere enough evidence for such a realm to exist. There is only darkness, before and after… Nothing more. Or so she had previously thought, daring not to turn her head to the skies, the weary princess had only one other option.

Trotting slowly into her shadowy chambers the princess makes her way to a single object on a large circular nightstand that was beside her bed. It was nothing more than a small portrait frame with nothing in it, lifting it up with a dark blue aura the princess brings it close to her face as if she was inspecting the contents of the void frame. She begun to utter a incomprehensible chant, however before anything more could be done there was a knocking on her chambers doors.

Setting the empty portrait frame back down, the princess approached the chamber doors with measured steps, as if she was expecting an assassin. In her mind though, she knew it was far worse, a mere hoofstep from the door the princess opened it gently with her magic to reveal a tired looking guard.

“Princess Luna, the Council requires your action.” The guard informed all the while bowing to his princess out of sheer respect.

“Is that so?” It was more of a statement than a question, Luna knew of the bickering that went on amongst the council and ever since Rarity stepped down the noise only seems to worsen.

Dreading the process of dealing with the council again, Luna waves off the guard dismissively as she turns back to her chambers to fetch her regalia for another show.

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