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Barely active anymore. Feel free to read my plethora of stories though. I’ll reply to any PMs I receive

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  • 118 weeks
    I’m not dead (2019 edition)

    Over a bloody year since I’ve last posted anything. Good lord.

    I’ve been doing okay. College has been... a thing. It is no longer a thing, not for the right reasons, but also not for reasons I particularly care about. Art school just... isn’t for me.

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  • 193 weeks
    Story Tag Changes

    I leave for a few months and come back to see the tags being more restricted than ever. A max of 3 tags? What happened to it being like 6? Or just straight up as many as you want? And this is just the story TYPE tags. The series tag, fair enough. Makes sense. But I apparently have to redo a lot of the tags on my older stories. Smh my head.

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  • 205 weeks
    Where I’ve Been

    Howdy, people. Long time no see. Honestly I wonder if anyone’s even going to read this, given I’ve been gone for so long...

    Regardless, here I am with an update.

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  • 239 weeks
    New Story Announcement: "Night Falls Unto a Twilit Kingdom"

    Welp, I've finally returned. I have a new story on the way, and takes place in an alternate universe roughly 100 years after season 4. Also super anthro, because Reasons. Hopefully it's enjoyable to read, because I'm really happy with the idea so far.


    Twilight didn't think it could get much worse.

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  • 243 weeks

    Well, it seems I'm regaining some sort of muse for this fandom, specifically to start writing again. Maybe you'll see a story announcement within the next few days. Keep yo eyes peeled, my friends. For I may be returning.

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Just so we're clear... · 6:52pm Apr 4th, 2016


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