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I think Twilight's best pony because I relate to her the best.

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Thoughts on the Season 6 Premiere in Relation to My Previous Blog Posts Part 2: Headcanon Ammo · 4:24am Apr 2nd, 2016

As I watched and reflected on the season 6 premiere, I looked for anything that either strengthened or weakened my headcanon. So far, I was not able to find much that weakened my headcanon. However, I did find quite a bit of information that supported it.
In one of my posts regarding season 5, I noted how Twilight as Princess of Friendship seems to serve a purpose similar to that of a psychologist. The premiere seems to support that idea for the most part. For starters, as I stated in the previous post, Starlight seemed more rational and stable during the premiere. Whatever “therapy” Twilight has her on must be working.
Additionally, Twilight’s choices for possible friendship lessons show that she knows Starlight well enough to know what kind of problems she would be struggling with and that she has taken the time to find ways to remedy those issues. Along with having Starlight reunite with Sunburst, Twilight had the option of taking her to Griffonstone to try to become friends with a griffon or of following around the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Having Starlight reunite with Sunburst will help her sort out any unresolved conflict she may still have with him while following around the Cutie Mark Crusaders will teach her to value other ponies’ differences, which was something that she obviously struggled with in season 5. (I don’t really know what becoming friends with a griffon was supposed to accomplish.)
Furthermore, the advice that Twilight gives to Starlight either directly in person or indirectly through the list continues to support this idea. In fact, the first thing she tells Starlight is that neither of them should dwell on the past. A lot of Starlight’s grief during season 5 only happened because she wouldn’t stop dwelling on the past, figuratively and literally. Also, some of her other advice for Starlight includes dealing with fears instead of putting them off and being open about regrets, two things that Starlight definitely and obviously had trouble with during the premiere.
Of course, there are a few moments that call into question Twilight’s competency as a psychologist-like figure, but these instances can easily be explained away. For example, Twilight was completely oblivious to Starlight’s initial discomfort with the lesson, but the obliviousness could be due to overexcitement. She was REALLY looking forward to getting Starlight started off on her first friendship lesson and meeting her newborn niece. Additionally, what kind of psychologist blends a traveling therapy session with a personal visit? The only reason why I’m giving Twilight a pass on this one is because she isn’t really a professional psychologist nor is she recognized as one. Furthermore, the fact that Twilight included highlighting the importance of the visit as a necessary task is pretty questionable, especially since doing so only made Starlight more anxious, but Starlight’s anxiety may be more because of Spike’s poor execution of the task rather than the task itself.
Another headcanon that the season 6 premiere seems to support is that Starlight grew up an orphan. When Twilight tells Starlight that she found where the first pony Starlight ever cared about lives, Starlight immediately knew she was talking about Sunburst. Okay, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty sure that the first people I ever learned to care about were the people in my immediate family, and I’m also sure that this would be the case for most other people. If Sunburst was the first pony Starlight ever cared about instead of her own parents or relatives, then Starlight probably never grew up with them present in her life or maybe never even met them, which would effectively make her an orphan.
Besides, having Starlight be an orphan would explain a lot of her issues. As I stated in my last post, Starlight seems to desire unconditional love but also seems to have trouble giving other ponies the chance to love her unconditionally. Not having a family could definitely contribute to that kind of a problem.

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